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It's odd seeing that it's already been a week since I joined the guys. I do spend almost all my time with Yoongi and I'm finally starting to call everyone by there real names. The guys had a nice little break between all there things. So they were planning on going to the beach. Once we got there I waited. I hadn't been to the beach in a long time. I was just watching. Jin was recording a video and Suga was next to him. After a min or so Jin was running and fell and started laughing. It's great to know he can laugh at himself. "What are you laughing at?" Namjoon came up to me. "Jin." "What did he do?" "He was running and fell. I'm pretty sure he got it on camera." "That guy." He started laughing. "You guys are all so much fun to be around but not at the same you guys are just normal." "Ha that's great to know. So how are things going with you and Yoongi?" "What do you mean?" "I don't know I was just wondering if there were feelings there." "Um...I..." I glance at Yoongi who was messing around with Jimin. He had a huge smile on his face. I turned and looked back at Namjoon. "It doesn't matter even if I do nothing can come of it. I'm his assistant. No relationship can come from it." "It don't know. I do know that he has changed. Ever since he met you he's been a little more happier. If that's even possible." "Ha for him I could see it. Alot of people think he's always angry." "Yea I know that." We sat there for a few minutes in silence watching everyone. "(Y/n) come play!" Tae said pulling me towards the water. "Hey...what do you think...." He pulled me into the water. I screamed. It was so cold. He just laughed and ran away. "Tae I am going to kill you!" I slowly walked out of the water. I needed to get warm, but I had to get him back. I fell to the ground. "(Y/n) are you ok!" Jin came running over. "I'm fine I'm trying to get tae over here to shove him in the water." I whispered "Oh I got ya." He said then turned to tae. "Dude she's freezing now why did you pull her in that far." He looked at me and smiled. I started shivering. He ran over real quick to check. Once he was close enough to check both Jin and I shoved him in the water completly. He was cover when the waves came. I stood up and ran off. I grabbed a towel getting ready to give it to him. "Are you really ok?" I turned to Yoongi "Yup! It was just a joke to get Tae." I smiled. "Ok good." He quickly went back to mess with Jimin. I ran to Jin and handed him the towel. "I'm not getting close so give that to Tae." "Alright." Jin was still laughing. I then went back to the van. I was a little cold now. I left the door open and just watched. One week with these guys and it doesn't feel like it. They were a bunch of goofballs but we're serious at the same time. I loved being around them. "Hey scootch over." I looked up to see Yoongi. "Are you done?" I asked moving over. "I'm just a little tired now." "Do you want a pillow?" " can be it for now." He laid his head on my shoulder. "That's probably not comfortable." "It's ok. I'd prefer to stretch out though." "I'll move you can lay on the whole row." "Geez. I'll make this clear I want you as my pillow. So if you want me comfortable move down just a bit more." I did as he asked. Then he laid his head on my lap. I started running my hand through his hair. I didn't think about if he wanted that or not. "You know I like this color." "Yea it's nice I wonder what color I'll do next." "Hopefully natural." "Probably not. I look good in any color though." "Man you're cocky." "How's my room working out for you?" He changed the subject real fast. "It's good I mean when I sleep in there. Don't forget I'm always around you. I end up sleeping on the couch in the studio more than your bed." "Well thankfully you have a full week to sleep in it." "I'm excited. How have you been sleeping?" "Well I sleep anywhere so good." "Good." I said and we fell silent. I continued running my fingers through his hair. After awhile I looked at him and realized he was asleep. I looked around to see if anyone was around and saw that they were all still by the water. "Yoongi?" He didn't respond. Now was the time to get this off my chest. I wouldn't be breaking any rules and my job was still safe. "Yoongi....I know it's not ok for this to happen but....I really like you alot. I'm going to hide my feelings since it's not allowed'll always be number 1 even when you start dating. I really do wish I could just be with you." This hurt my heart thinking that I'd never get the chance to be with Yoongi other than this. Just an assistant nothing more. I really shouldn't get too greedy. I sat there staring at his face. I had grown so attached to his face and this wasn't good. "(Y/n)" Yoongi whispered. Did he just hear all that? "What's up?" I was hoping he didn't hear any of it. After a few seconds he didn't respond and I realized he must have been having a dream.....wait was he dreaming about me? No maybe he just said it because he knew I was here. Yeah ill go with that. After a couple more minutes everyone started getting into the van. "Let's wake him up this isn't fair" Tae said "Please don't. I feel like he doesn't get enough sleep as it can we leave him?" "Yea that's fine we can still fit in here." Namjoon said trying to fit everyone in the van. "He'll have to wake up when we get back to the dorm." Jungkook said "Yea but we got a little bit that time I'll wake him up ok?" "Ok" they all said with a smile on there faces. I looked down at him and smiled. His lips were just so kissable. I continued to play with his hair I would randomly run my hand down the side of his face. He had real smooth skin.
Oh I love this cutie!!!!! look at him like gaaa! I coukd touch his face all the time he looks so precious sleeping. So what do you think???? Getting stale? hmmm should I add some action to it? Mwahahahahah
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if by action you mean kissing.....then yes
That depends, what kind of action we talkin here? Should I be scared?😟 But ugh this story is so good I wouldn't even care.😅
@LemonLassie she doesn't want them to know....ya know she'd be breaking rules....oh I think you'll like the next chapter @milcalopez963 ok I added you to my tag list so I'll go through all of mine and tag you. @Rosa420 yep I'll add you to my list:)
can you tag me please?
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