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Part 1: _ * _ * _ * "What the hell?!?" "Yah! You bumped into me!" I yelled back. "Gosh what's wrong with you?!" "Excuse you?" He grabbed my chin making me look at him. He had skin as pale as snow and silver hair that slightly covered his glowing brown eyes. I would say he's attractive, but with how we just met, not a chance. I pulled my chin away from his hand looking right in his eyes. "I said you bumped into me! If anything, you should be apologizing to me right now, ruining my dress." I huffed the last part grabbing some napkins near by wiping of the sticky beer. Great. "Sorry that you were in my way. Maybe you should just watch where you're going." he snorted folding his arms across his chest. "Fuck you!" "In your dreams babe." he smirked. Now I was irritated. Walking up to him, I smiled sweetly, pulling the bottle of vodka from behind my back. "Honey... if anything you want me." I whispered in his ear giving him a quick peck on the cheek before, SMASH! Glass and vodka went all over him. To be honest I didn't care if he got hurt, he deserved that... or I should control my anger issues, but hey what's done is done. I started to walk past after he fell to the ground, grabbing another bottle of beer and vodka. As I started walking towards Alex someone grabbed my wrist making me soon around to face them. "What?" is all I said once I saw that douche again. "Babe, was that really necessary?" he said rubbing his head getting excess glass out, surprisingly he wasn't bleeding, huh. "Name's not 'babe'. It's Y/N. And no, but it was fun." I was about to walk away when he called out. "Wait!" "Yes?" "Don't you wanna know my name?" "Not really, but whatever." "Min Yoongi. Hopefully next time we meet you won't bash a bottle of vodka over my head." he said rolling his eyes in annoyance at the memory. "What do you mean next time exactly?" I questioned with an amused grin. "We're bound to meet again, after all everyone here goes to Seoul High." "Oh, well then I sadly can't bring a bottle of vodka to our next meeting. Sorry." I said turning around waving a hand carefully because it still had alcohol in it. _ * _ * _ * "What took you so long?" Alex shouted over the music. "I had a run in with someone. Come on, let's go, you can bring the beer, I'll drive." I said pulling her out of the house. "Well at least both of us met some people. So mission accomplished!" She cheered getting into the car. "Yea, yea." I muttered turning on the car. My meeting wasn't exactly good. I mean, what sane person is nice to someone who just hit them with a bottle of vodka??
A/N: Hello! I know it's short, but bare with me! What you think? Should I continue it? There's going to be time skips as the flashbacks progress, so be prepared. I am the only one that thinks Jessi is honestly a good rapper? I mean everything she does, whether she intend it or not, teaches her opponents (like on Unpretty Rapstar) how to get better. Not to mention I like her personality. She seems real and cool. Definitely honest. Other fanfics: Fluff: Coffee (Suga), Taehyung, Cuddles (Jimin), Rain (Jungkook) Angst: Dear Hoseok, Punishment, One the Side, Consequences


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