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I couldn't just pick one since I don't pick anime based on the studio they're made at. Anyway, #3 is Sunrise, only reason it's not my #1 is because they mostly make gundam anime. Code Geass is the only exception to this, though. The plot is sooooo gooooooddddd! The animation is sooooo gooooooddddd! The music is soooo gooooooddddd! (x
#2 is Pierrot Naruto is the bomb.com and so it Tokyo Ghoul. only reason it's not my #1 is because of this:
#1 is Studio Ghibli, of course. (x Honesty, if it weren't for their work, I wouldn't have gotten into anime as much as I am, now. @InVinsybll
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yess! ghibli reigns king always. I was thinking about Pierrot myself, but they have just too many of those slip-ups in the animation imo