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For this week I choose the guys from Uta no Prince Sama. I really like this reverse harem, but it's not my favorite because I have no favorites. I love the music, the art style, the animation, and of course all the hot guys.


This is the group that the anime focuses on and my personal favorite. But the other guys are pretty nice to. Here are my top to from Starish:

Ichinose Tokiya

All I can say is, he's just so hot and I love his smile.

Syo Kurusu

He's just so cute and I love him so much (。>﹏<。)

Quartet Night

They are the Senpai to Starish. I also really like them and their beautiful music.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

I really love his look and rock music. I also really love his eyes, they are so cool!

Ai Mikaze

He's so adorable, especially as a neko!
@JessicaFerrier oh cool @ShinigamiSan ok thanks
@ShinigamiSan oh no I haven't made one. I don't really do stuff like this. If you want me to I can, I could always finish my project later
bunch of cutie pies!
Still want it dubbed...
you speak true lol that's cute, that you sing and dance along sometimes. I'll check it out for sure! @JessicaFerrier
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