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Pasta, and who has claim to it, has always been a touchy subject.
Recently, a video released on social media set the internet on fire. A French website called “” posted a 40 second video of them making“spaghetti carbonara.” They made the meal with raw onions, bowtie pasta, and raw bacon boiled together in the same pot all at once. If that wasn't enough, the finished the dish off with a raw egg yolk and added créme fraîche.
Italians across the globe caught wind of this "meal" and went off the deep end.
The outrage jumped from the web to the front page of Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Italian site Meridiana Notizie managed to snag a copy of the video before the French website took it down in shame.
The video picked up so much steam that it trended worldwide under the hashtag #CarbonaraGate .
Barilla, whose pasta is featured at the beginning of the clip, was so embarrassed that they even took to Facebook to pasta-shame the clip.
The website has yet to explain themselves in regards to this questionable dish. Something tells me that this isn't the last time we will hear about this one though.

So.. who has claim to pasta? Who makes it the best?

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I made carbonara this weekend, and I DEFINITELY didn't use that method! The Italians know what's up.