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24 year-old Lee Jong Suk is already planning ahead for his marriage! During an interview with his partner in crime, Kim Woo Bin, he answered that he believes he will get married first. Lee Jong Suk said, “I want to marry when I am the prettiest so when my looks are the best and the youngest, I want to get married.” Does that mean that Lee Jong Suk already has someone in mind? Kim Woo Bin then blurted out that Lee Jong Suk has been talking about marriage a lot lately. He commented, “He doesn’t even have a girlfriend but talks about marriage a lot.” Kim Woo Bin also directed a comment to his friend’s so-called future wife, saying, “Jong Suk is caring and subtle so you won’t regret meeting him. Don’t let him go.” Source: No Jong Suk, you can't. Not now... you're still too young! Why does this kid talk about love and marriage so often these days (on his me2day too), are you dating someone? heh ^^
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omo lee jong suk is 24 he is older then me wahhh he looks soo young i thought he was 19 or 20 he is soo cute <3 :-*