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Hey everyone! If you are familiar with my page, then you know about a card I made around January about my little sister's eighth birthday party! I was really looking for some help because she wanted it to be BigBang themed and I didn't know exactly how to do that. You all really pulled through and have me some great ideas!! It was a huge success and she loved it! Scroll down to see some of the highlights!
We used the MADE series colors for the party because that's what she is the most familiar with in terms of BigBang. Gotta say, it's a very nice combination of colors!
The goodie bags for all of her friends where he MADE series as well! :)
I created a rockin playlist for the whole party including all BigBang, and all of their solo projects.
And the cake was just the cherry on top!! Everyone loved it and it was SUPER delicious!! Thank you again to all who helped me make my little sister's birthday wish come true!! @nicolejb @danidee @alywoah @TessStevens @shannonl5 @ercurrent @maddie27 @b1a4bts5ever
I'm so happy she enjoyed it!!!!!
That's awesome!!!
Wow!!! You're such a good sister!!