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WARNING Violence cursing fantasy magic tragic semi brutal sorry no smut romance Detail Vixx X reader hybrids where made and three are missing but who killed Dr. Su his hybrids or someone else? what happens when you fall in love with a hybrid and you cant tell if he good or bad? can you really trust him...
Dr. Su’s report
Glass like eyes and skin so soft like a baby, these live like glass doll that where made out of different types of breeds they ‘re called HYBRIDS. What are Hybrids exactly a hybrid, also known as cross breed, is the result of mixing, two animals or creatures of different breeds, species or genera. In this case demons angel’s vampire wolves etc.
The first one made I called it N it’s the first-born of my creation. He is a mixture of Vampire and a human. At first, I was not sure about this mixture but I gave it a try, the result turn out great, he has the lifespan of vampire the heartbeat of a human, though he look fake and glass made his skin is human flesh and yes he does curve it too. He has great memory he can move at a fast pace and be in sunlight light without burnig. he can read minds and hear people inner thoughts. However, because he is half-human he does need rest and plenty of nutrients other wise he is unable to do so. In addition, his body refuses raw meat so he is unable to eat flesh meat or human blood.
My second creation I made is called HongBin he is a mixture of a blood elf and demon I was kind of spectacle about this one as well, a blood elf and a demon crazy right? Well the results where amazing he has magical abilities and can grant anything a human heart desires. He can live without eating anything for years but because of his blood elf side, he curves warm blood of an animal sometimes even human. He hates the taste of it but he craves it. he can't fall in love or feel happy for he does not have a heart that is why he grants a human wish completes their deed and take their heart in return
My third one I named him Leo he is a mixture of an angel and a harpy and yes a harpy is a Hybrid it’s self. I wanted to add an angel to it to see the results, he has more of the appearance of an angel. as you know both creature have wings but he is capable of hiding them within himself but they are big which is why his shoulder are wide and he looks like he in pain they hurt him. and as you know angel are known for their angelic voice and harpy for the strong sharply vocals will he has both combine. his voice can manipulate the human mind and paralyzed the body of any creature. What his flaw? simple every time he bring out his wings he cuts open his flesh he is unable to control them when they appear and his wounds don’t heal fast either. he is never to fall in love for he will lose his voice...
My fourth hybrid is a mixture of an alien and a human as well. I did not want to add something else and have him come out looking gross, anyways I named him ken. He is fast mind he can manipulate earth elements. He can even control life fate. he friendly compare to the others will to Leo he really smart and extraordinary. he can move things with his mind and walk through walls that is why each one of their room are made specifically for each one of them. What is his flaw? simple,if he kills anyone he is to die as well and he cant EVER! save a life that is meant to die or else is is to die or someone dear to him. My fifth creation is called Ravi, he a shadow hunter (yes I watch shadow hunter) and a reptile. He has the power to be unseen and protect those he wishes to take care of. he can claim and jump high on building he really strong, he can teleport from places and even stop time or slow it down. his flaw is that he can’t hide his feeling his kinda are loyal, when he falls in love he stay in love with that person forever, but when he find his soul mate he lose most of his ability he is forbidden to become close to someone or trust because he become useless. My last creation he is a crossover of a wolf and a merman. He has the beauty of a mermaid but the eye a wolf. The type that stare deep into your soul. he has the speed of a wolf and in the sea, he has the speed of a mermaid and can live on land like a human. You can last under the ocean for a very long time but because he is half werewolf, he cant breathe under water he can speak to other animal with his mind even people. I called him Hyuk he is my newest one so I am unaware of most of his abilities. As to all of them
These are my hybrids. I called them Vixx. they are made to prove to world that human and other creature can breed together and live among each other. They are capable of anything that is why they must keep these special type of collars on at all time. They are still unstable and mustn’t be removed from their chains and taken out of their room yet . They are not made to be Heroes but they can be protector that is why many agency want them and even try to bribe me but I refuse to sale or give them away they are not to be used as weapons they are my children. I will not let them become ruined

Two Months later

“Dr Su was found dead in his lab this afternoon and three of his hybrid where missing people suspect that they had killed Dr Su, investigators are still unaware of the true case,” a news report said. “Professor what going to happen to the other three hybrids” (Y/N) ask her professor. “First thing first (Y/N) we have to find them” he replied to her. “But I thought only three are missing?” she asked “Yes, but the other three are somewhere in the mansion he had them kept away lock in somewhere. So we need to find them and quick before they break free and hurt others” (Y/N) grab the professor arm holding him back. “What make you think their evil or bad?” she frowns in disappointment. “Their missing and Dr. Su is dead (Y/N). it has their name written all over these.” “I don’t believe it, I know they’re not bad I saw one before and he was sweet, I spoke to him” (Y/N) said. “Have you fallen for a hybrid? You’re not allowed to love them you do know that right?” the professor reminds her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes “I didn’t fall for a hybrid but I know that they didn’t kill him maybe they were trying to protect him for the real criminals and chase after them” (Y/N) explained. The professor laughs, “please stop trying to protect those freaks everyone knew they would turn out this way” “THEY ARE NOT FREAKS!” (Y/N) bark “their his children why would they killed their father huh!” she adds “because their genetic freaks that are heartless and emotionless! They don’t in with us humans” the professor shouts angrily. (Y/N) eyes water up, she stomped her foot and walked away towards the mansion backyard. she pondered on about one hybrid she had met once when she had helped out the Dr. she remember they way his voice sound and how his eyes look evil but when he smiled they became so gently and sweet. “their not evil I know it he was..” she gulped “he was sweet and caring towards Dr. Su and even spoke kindly to me every time I saw him” she wrapped her arms around herself. “Awe you’re in love with a hybrid” a voice from above said (Y/N) looked up to find one of the hybrids standing on a tree breach. “To bad we can fall in love in return” he laughs as he jumps down towards (Y/N) suddenly she feels someone it was the the professor grabs he grabs (Y/ N) and pulls her behind him. “I knew your kind weren’t safe,” he said to the hybrid angrily “You’re a pretty smart fellow” the hybrid grins. He rushed the professor grabbing and lifting him by his shirt and tossing him almost across the field “Does it hurt?” he ask (Y/N) has he grab her by the jaw “what?” she respond has her eyes tear up “to feel your heart breaking?” he smirks as up lift her up by her neck. “Why?R-Ravi?”
HEY GUYS yes another fanfic i have alot of time on my plate since my job only giving me two days of work next week (-_-) anyway i love making alots of fanfic so enjoy this one all well im good at writing different story at a time lol its a gift or maybe because of my ADHD i cant stick to just one lol i'm very imaginative. lol tell me what you think.
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A Fan Fic on VIXX!!! @Jiyongleo
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