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PLEASE READ =) We need new members to join our guild! We would love it if you would consider joining!!!! c:
Our wonderful guild Fairy Dragons is seeking new members! I'm sure many of you don't know how things work in a guild, so allow me to explain ^^ From my experience in the guild, it's like a second family, a second home =) You can chat and make so many wonderful friends!
To join, all you would have to do is download WeChat, a group chatting app. I know WeChat isn't too common but by using it we can add up to 500 members to our guild! It works on all types of electronic devices and has many features like voice calling! Once you download the app, add me, my account ID is LucyOfFairyTailGM
Once you add me, I'll add you to our chat and you're all set! If you still have questions of are wondering about something, feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Thanks you to all of you who read this!!!
really?!!馃榾 who'a available?
c-can I join?
@LucyOfFairyTail won't be able to till the 20th
Oh yes, I'm very passionate about the guild! We are actually the first guild created on Vingle c: We have about 50 members in our guild. Although 50 is a large number, most people aren't as active as they use to be because of school and work and college, etc; there are many age ranges within the guild. Well honestly, we do all three! Mainly we chat together. c: A lot of us choose to base our profiles after Fairy Tail characters, but sense the guild has a good amount of people in it, the pickings for available Fairy Tail characters is kind of few. We roleplay a lot as our characters, but even though we sometimes pretend to be like our characters when roleplaying, we're all our ourselves ^^ If you really are wanting to be more interactive, I truly encourage you to join us! =) We could use a few new members to keep the place active. And I know everyone in the guild is really happy every time we get a new member!
about how many members do you have there miss Lucy? I've seen you post a couple times asking for members. you seem very energetic and passionate about it, kinda like the gang in Fairy Tail ;) I'm trying to be a bit more extroverted and interactive online, and I might be interested! do you guys pick characters, make OC'S or just get together and chat and what not?
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