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Finally! right? Sorry for the delay. Things have gotten haywire lately.. long story haha.. Sorry to keep you all waiting, here is Part 2!

Whoa... what a dream! I looked at the time on the phone, it was damn near time for me to wake up for school. Then my alarm goes off in time. I got up, went to go take a shower, brush my teeth, got dressed, did my hair, ate breakfast, and left out for school. While walking to school listening to some music, I was thinking about how real that dream felt and what if something happened like that forreal. But I kept doubting it. I finally get to school, I see my two best friends Yani and Maria at the locker talking. We greeted each other. We started talking about our favorite bias and was fangirling like crazy then suddenly Kimberly and her annoying ass friends cut us off. "What? why would oppa want too meet you? I mean just look at you" Then they started laughing. Yani then jumpped in "And what makes you think you have a chance whicho ugly ass" Me and Maria started laughing. Kimberly how about you mind your own business and keep walking! "Whatever y/n ! oppa would definitely want a girl like me, like c'mon I'm rich, pretty, and fit!" Maria jumped in "uh not with that ugly personality and attitude that you have. You keep that up, nobody is going to want you Kim!" Then one of Kim's followers tried to say something back but I cut her ass off. Alright alright enough. We don't got time to argue with you guys, we're going to class. We walked off. While we walked off, Kim screamed "alright later uglys!" It was a pain dealing with them everyday. Sometimes they will even start fanwars and argue with other girls about their bias smh. So we just got to class, class started. All I did was do my work and daydream about kpop. School went by so fast. I was in my last hour class. Before class was over, Maria texted me saying, "Omg buddy! I heard EXO is coming to our town for a fan signing! xD I will tell you about it more when we get out of school. Meet me and Yani in the front of the school" When the bell rang, I jumped up so fast out of my seat and ran out of class. I was so excited! Me and the girls have to go. I got my stuff and went outside to see Maria and Yani. Hey guys, okay tell me the details about EXO fan signing! "It's going to be downtown at the New Center, Saturday at 4pm to 6pm " Yani said. Cool, we have to go! We have to look really pretty and get them some gifts. Maria added "yeah and let's take lots of pictures with them". We all walked home together still discussing about the fan signing. Okay so we are going to meet up in front of my house okay? They agreed. Then we went our separate ways. I flopped on my bed after a long day at school. I was thinking about what to wear, how my hair is going to look, and what to give to my oppas. It was tomorrow so I had to go out today for shopping. I texted Yani and Maria about going shopping, then we went.
The next day, Saturday. Today is the big day, EXO's fansigning. I woke up excited and nervous at the same time. I picked out the clothes and shoes I was going to wear for later. So time passed by and It was 2 hour untill the fan signing. I took a shower, put on my clothes and shoes, did my hair, and gathered up the few gifts I had. I called up Yani and Maria to see if they were ready and they said yeah, on their way to my house. Since we did'nt stay far from the mall, we walked there. When we got there, it was a lot of fans there. It was noisy. It was almost time for it to start. We was happy and nervous. The feels were real xD. EXO finally came to the center of the mall. We all screamed going crazy. Yani was about to cry like a baby lol hell I was too xD They greeted us then the fansigning finally started. We was in line waiting for our turn. As I got to them I was so star strucked. I got to shake their hand, get their autograph, and take selfies. I gave them mini teddy bears and some goodies. But let me tell you, when I got to the end where Lay was I was even more nervous because well he is my bias. But when I was done meeting them they all waved at me saying bye with big smiles on their face. I walked away with my hands on my face. I was blushing hard my face was turning red. I wanted to cry. I met back up my friends we were all so happy while walking back home.
The weekend flew by fast. Today is Monday already. Once me, Yani, and Maria got to school, all we talked about was the EXO fansigning. Yani screamed with excitement, "BAEKHYUN WINKED AT ME!! XD. Girl calm down, I started laughing at her. "Did you see Suho trying to do aegyo? it was so cute and funny!" Maria added in . Yeah I saw haha.. They all looked so handsome omg! When we were fangirling by the locker, the principle told us to stop fangirling and go to class lol. Okay so its the end of the day. While on our way out of the school. I told Maria and Yani about this bracelet I made over the weekend for my bias. Yeah guys I'm going to give it to him the next time I see him. I showed them the bracelet "wow it's really pretty and cool y/n" my friends said. Suddenly Kimberly and her followers blocked our way. "Hey y/n whatcha got there? what gift you have there... you're giving THAT thing to oppa?! Ha! Then Kim snatched my bracelet from me. Before I could say anything, she broke it causing all the pieces to scatter all over the floor, right in front of my eyes. "opps sorry, I did'nt mean to break your little kitty gift" They laughed. "Oppa would never accept something so cheap and tacky!" Then Maria yelled "WHAT THE HELL!" Yani tried to fight them but Maria was holding her back. I had a disgusted look on my face. I was too pissed off. WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?! I TOOK MY TIME TO MAKE THAT FOR HIM! "So and? what are you going to do about it y/n ? cry? Her friends laughed. I smacked the shit out of Kim. Yani and Maria was shocked with their mouths wide open and hands over their mouth. They busted out laughing xD Kim and her friends was shocked. Kim was on the ground defenseless. I ran out of the school fast leaving my friends behind. "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS Y/N ! Kim yelled down the hall. Yani then says " HA! You lost! lol". Maria then said "You guys are disgusting!" with a nasty looking expression on her face. Yani and Maria walked off, trying to look for me. I was walking home by myself crying, then it started raining. My head was down still crying then suddenly I bump into someone. He was tall, with brownish black hair, had a hoodie, and a face mask on. I lifted my head up, omg I'm so sorry! My eyes were puffy and red. The guy asked me "Are you okay?" in a soft voice. Um.. I'm fine.. I was just walking home and ... I was just blabbing off, I couldn't really get my words out properly, trying to explain myself. He then took off his face mask; I stopped talking quickly, my eyes grew big. I was speechless. I couldn't say a word. I can't believe it's.......?! TO BE CONTINUED!...

wow I wonder who is this handsome mystery man.. :)

Who do you think it is?? It can be anybody... Part 3 coming soon!
I think it could be Lay or it can also be Chanyeol!!!!
This is awesome so far!!!!!!!........ Is it bad that that last gif is something that has happened to me many times already (like almost everyday at least once)
tag me please! 😊
Omg it's lay right it's gotta be lpl
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