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I just found the sexiest ship ever while watching episode 97 of Fairy Tail. Lucy and Cana. @hikaymm @BlackoutZJ Oh god, I'm about to pass out.
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@nicocoup Jell-douche's entire character and presence stagnated Erza.
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@worldofelites19 yes well this only attributes to how much Mashiro is a fuckboy. Like in the episode where Gray was going to kill himself to make an ice shell, but then the issue magically got solved after 3 ish episodes of build up.
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Jellal is amazing haha let the hate flow
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I feel like it should be Juvia and Cana instead cause those to are just great together
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@gabbycalzada True, but now I am pissed off at her character for abandoning everyone, Ignoring Fairy Glitter, which is probably the only thing that can save them from death... because she has daddy issues and is obsessed with getting S-Class, caring more about a rank. than the lives of every Fairy Tail member on Tenrou Island.
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