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These are my top 3 due to these being long running. Honorable Mentions Below!!!
#1 pokemon Ok, duh. Everyone has seen it or heard about it. The games, movies, and anime are perfect to introduce the world of anime to ANYONE! This anime touches the heart of adults and childern across generations from all over the world. Cute and badass monsters with a story of friendship can appeal to anyone.
#2 Fairy Tail Love action? Love romace? Love humor? FAIRY TAIL IS FOR ANYONE! A great anime with amazing music, setting and character's, it's no wonder its the most praised anime. Anyone can find something in Fairy Tail.
#3 Shonen Anime. Dragon Ball series is the source of animes raise in North America as a stamp for anime. Mostly for a childhood sense of badassness. One Piece is fun. ITS AMAZING! Any One can join this anime anytime. With really amazing settings and adventures...One Piece is a great starter for anime Naruto...same as DBZ its mostly a good way to start watching anime. A PREFECT WAY TO EXPLORE JAPAN CULTURE! That's important due to helping others get accustomed.
Honorable Mentions: Noragami Sword Art Online Kill la Kill Fullmetal Alchemist Yu-Gi-Oh Attack on Titan Sailor moon. Tagging @invinsybll @BlackOutZJ @hikaymm
as much as I truly love Pokémon games, I can stand watching the show. I personally would start with fairy tail or Naruto
@arnelli thanks
@JoshuaKane this was really the reality of popularity that really impacts people. I stated with DBZ but POKEMON has the power for anyone
@InVinsybll i made it it's own due to not being that long running as the others
dope! I would put fairy tail in the same category as shonen but I agree with these picks!
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