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Hello there nakama! Today is another Wednesday and yall all know what that means, another adittion of @hikaymm fun waifu Wednesday request! I just joined this fun little rag tag group of otaku's last week. I've been learning a lot about everyone, about this crazy notion that is waifu and husbandos, and it's been a really enlightening experience. If you guys read my card last week, you'll know I had some reluctance in joining and about how I feel about this kind of thing. I have reservations still, but this edition, Harem, is one I was most hung up on. I've talked some with our resident harem master, @BlackoutZJ, yall know this guy, and he's actually helped to open my mind up a bit on the subject. hikaymm also commented on my card explaining what waifu meant to her, and it was quite a simple notion. I put to much thought into it and now I'm looking to just chill out some. I still have some of my own views on waifu and harems, but I'm gonna let some of it go. A desire of mine is I want to be known as the King of Romance, my desired imagined self, as blackout is the opposite of me as harem master. I don't like polyamourous relationships guys, and I don't think I ever will. But for the sake of fun and releasing inhibitions, I'm gonna make my own little rules to appease my hang ups on the subject of harem in general What I'm going to do for today's WW theme is highlight some of my favorite girls for personality and looks from the few of harem anime's I've seen. I'm going to pick one or two from each, tell a little about them, why I like them and what I like most about them and who I ship with the main characters and who I ship with my imagined self. They won't be the same, whoever I ship with the MC are together in my eyes and I won't intrude. The girls I ship with my imagined self I want you all to pretend are one at a time, that I'm not desiring them to all desire me at the same time or anything like that. Pretend, we are all really good at that I think that's why we all are here ;). I have said it before, I will not build a harem for my fantasy self. as the King of Romance it goes against what I stand for. I am one at a time and this is no different! I will never forget those I've loved, or that could love me, and never ever make any one of these girls vye for my affections. They have a piece of me, in their own special little way, and they will never be at the same time. Okay I think I've rambled on enough lol. Without further ado, the first harem anime I will be discussing is the first I ever watched:
I watched this a littler earlier on in my journey of anime discovery. I wasn't really aware about excessive fan service, Harem as a genre, or anything like that. I am not a fan of the overt sexualization of females, in reality or fantasy, don't get me wrong, I'm a young man, I love women, I love sexy women, but when it's made the focus and highlight of a story, I'm taken aback and it gets in the way of my suspension of disbelief and therefore my enjoyment of the story and people in it. That's what happened by the end of this show. I got through all of it, and there are parts of it I really love, but the ending sucked, the fanservice was over the top and ultimately I didn't end up loving it like I thought it would. I loved some of the deeper more meaningful connections and the tense parts of it (like Kurumu crying because Tskune obviously loved Moka more than anything, which broke her heart and mine a little.) Overall it was just a overly sexualized show that didn't stay true to the things that made it good.
For the official ship, I think Tskune belongs with Moka. They both love each other deeply I know it, they get a long so well, they were each other's first real friends, and they had a lot of sweet moments together. For the ship with the King of Romance, amd waifu, I adored Mizore Skirayuki. Her purple hair(my favorite color), the way her eyes reflect purple at the top and the ice blue on the bottom, her sultry but lispy voice (because she's always got a lollipop lol), her jacket and suspenders under her skirt school outfit that she rocks with her own dash of style, and her being a snow fairy are my favorite things about her. I'm a man of passion and fire, and opposites attract as they say. Her icy coolness is a perfect balance to my fire. She is shy, but also bold in her pursuits of a love interest which I find very attractive. I don't think she should have to chase anyone though, they should be chasing her. She also was the most accepting of Tskune not returning her feelings I think, when her mom was trying to force Tskune to marry Mizore, she actually tried to make her mom back off, though without completely giving up (silly girl..). She's super pretty and sweet and cool as ice. My favorite girl from Vampire + Rosario.
Next is a harem/ecchiish show that I actually enjoyed a lot, despite the overt sexualization. it wasn't the main focus like the last one was, and it's action, character development, and storyline were all well done, exciting, and engaging. The show is: HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD
This one was short, only one season and only 12 episodes if I remember correctly. Zombie apocalypse, guns, survival, tense action sequences, just a good show. The writing is really awesome too. "On the day everything came to an end, I killed my best friend, then I held the girl that I loved for the first time in my life." Takahsi For the official ship, I'm all about Takashi and Rei. Now, she's kind of um, well a bitch at the beginning and during certain parts. Like she tries tell Takashi she wants them to be a thing after shit goes down and he's all "I don't know weather to kiss you or slap you" lol, cuz she kinda fucked with his heart a bit. they were childhood sweethearts but she dumps him for his best friend. But Takashi loves her, always has, and didn't stop even after everything went down. The quote above is in the very first episode and the way he said held the girl I love for the first time, oh it got me square in the feels. The longing, the sadness, but the serenity in it, got damn.. I think she was the prettiest and would have been my pick for waifu but, a las, I shall not impede on what they have. it's to true romance. They don't express it in the series though, way to much baggage. They have some moments where they come close but Takashi usually didn't let it happen, he's to hung up on shit from the last, oh and surviving the apocalypse. For the King of Romance ship, no waifu :( I didn't form any feelings for the other girls. Saeko was a bad ass, but I actually didn't think she was very pretty. My favorite quote though was about her: "I embraced her darkness, and why wouldn't I? The darker she was, the more likely I was to survive." -Takashi
For the next harem show, it's actually a Chinese anime called Cupid's Chocolate. The main character, Haoyi Jiang isn't good with girls at all and wishes there was a way he could be, and is granted this cake that whoever eats it will love him, and of course, a few different girlies get a taste of it. I didn't finish it, wasn't really all that great, a bit to heavy on the fanservice and not enough deepness for me to deal with it so I stopped around ep.9, but the main love interest, Tata Mei was a super sweetie and so for the official ship I think Haoyi and Tata belong together for sure. For the King of Romance ship, and waifu, I was undeniable attracted to Xueli Ouyang, she is a sword wielding yandere, at least I thought she was yandere. I kind of have a thing for the psycho girls, willing to be crazy and taunt and tease and inflict pain on others who stand in their way. She was in America when the whole thing with the cake happened, she was just psycho crazy in love with Hayoi already and comes back to claim him lol. I would let her claim me in a heartbeat, Haoyi is busy my dear, I'm sorry, I'm here though!
Now for the next harem anime, this one is the absolute heaviest on the ecchi by leaps and bounds, I mean, jesus christ forgive me, but it was also one of my all time favorites in the genre and it's pretty high up on my list of good anime. I bet yall already know: HIGH SCHOOL DXD
This show confounded the crap out of me. I hated it soooooo much but grew to love it equally if not so much more. I can't sit here and say I don't like naked girls, I'd be lying to your faces, but honestly guys I thought they really fucking over did it. Especially the like stupid filler cards where they'd show the girls in just unnecessary and unreal poses and it just felt wrong to do that to them. The writing is fucking hilarious, and the English actors were so on point like so lol funny I can't really explain it right. "gasp, shut your whore mouth!!" Issei lol There was a lot of deepness in it that made me just deal with the excessive nudity to it as well as the clever writing. and the story was so bad ass, angels and devils and fallen angels and powers and political intrigue it was so legitimate. For my official ship, Issei and Rias for the ultimate win. She loves him despite his perverted openess, she sees him as more than a pawn she knows he's a hero at heart and he was willing to risk his life to give her the choice she always wanted not to marry Riser the super douche. He loves her, almost to the point he'd give up his harem dream but feels completely inferior to her, like he doesn't deserve her and she deserves so much better. When they had their moments, and would share a kiss, I got the feels. But damn the stupid genre, he never would remember or just blow it off to be a harem perv. stupid boy.. For the King of Romance ship, and waifu I was head over heals for Koneko Toujou. Her story broke my heart, her background as a super powerful neko spirit, the way she's small and Kuudere, but fights with bare fists and with a fierceness divine. She is so pretty, and when she embraces her neko powers and warms up to Issei in a kinda plutonic (she kinda made a move on him but he felt to sisterly towards her, good back off man you got Rias) was super sweet. almost not harem. almost. she just drives me crazy, and I want to be there for her, and she'd be doing all the protecting though lol. tough kitty, pretty kitty ;)
Alright yall, last harem anime I have watched the most recent and another one that I actually really enjoyed overall. The sexual fanservice was actually pretty minimal, the harem aspect sure fricken wasn't though: DATE A LIVE
The concept for this actually made the harem aspect a bit less bothersome. Shido Itsuka is the main character and for some reason I can't remember he has the ability to seal away the powers of these other worldly beings known as spirits, girls that come to earth from another dimension and blow shit up accidently. This show surprised me, I liked it at first, got mad it turned into harem, but then accepted it once the premise was fleshed out and got down to the end. It had pretty good writing, decent romance and an exciting storyline. For the official ship, I'm all for Shido and Tohka. His bond with her was really sweet. they had genuine affection for one another, although he never straight told her that he was the only person that could stop the spirits and keep them on earth and from harm. I don't know why would have saved him all those times of hurting her when he was all getting kissy face with the other girls. I wish they would have made them more official and got all the shit out in the open. For the King if Romance ship, there were two girls that caught my attention and I wanted to talk about them both. Only one is waifu. Kotori Itsuka really caught me off guard with her character development. she was introduced as Shido's little sister but later it turns out she was adopted, and then not only was she adopted but she's commander of the task force that is seeking ways to pacify the spirits without killing them and gets Shido into the whole mess of things. She's shown super sweet at first, then a hard ass, then turns out she's actually a spirit her self! A super powerful flame one! (mix fire and fire and we have an inferno ladies and gents) She's is so kawaii, and later on her feelings really flesh out to show she's not all that she acts to be, she kinda didn't know she was a spirit till later, and kinda has trouble accepting it. Her name is very pretty too. I liked her a lot but then, oh then I met Kurumi Tagasaki and I'm sorry my sweet Kotori, but she stole my heart. She is waifu, totally. Oh goodness where to start, her beautiful long black hair, her red eye but then her golden clock eye she originally hides with her bangs, her powers of seduction, her yandere personality, her nickname Nightmare, (I'd light up the dark of your dreams with my fire), and the fact that her spirit powers are all based around time and self inflicting pain on herself or others. she can create versions of herself that she can trap in the past and then call to her aid, having as many as hundreds of versions of herself active at the same time. She is the only girl that actively strives to kill and cause destruction, but that's because all anyone every tried to do is end her, or stop her, never understand her or accept her as being who she is. In one of the OVA'S the version of Kurumi that fell in love with Shido for but a second comes freed from the grasps of the whole personality and they go this date and it was beautiful...the end made me cry, but that aspect of Kurumi is part of the whole, and I think she has the capacity to be good, she is absolutely gorgeous, and has an aspect of me too.
There you have it folks, my highlights of my harem anime girls and waifus. Such things are fleeting as the fire I can but barely control burning evanescent then blown away in an instant. Hope you enjoyed, The King of Romance is here now, may we travel the journey of love together, but alone because as much as you wish it, there can always only be one that you hold most dear, or at all..
@tylor619cruz Tsukune is a GODDAMN Animal lol
Honestly you can probably skip to chapter 14 if you wanted and still not miss much. Chapter 14 is when they first meet Ruby
Lol you can skip a few chapters, and when you get to Tskune with his powers that's when things start to pick up
@tylor619cruz I've actually read the first 3 chapters and I'm digging it so far, it's actually the second manga I've ever read so it's kinda hard for me to get into. I'm not used to it yet. and the first 3 chapters weren't to different then the anime, I know I gotta get further along. I will you convinced me lol
I agree with Rosario + Vampire being mainly fan service based but the manga is more action, I mean a lot more not as much fan service too so I hope you'll still give it a chance
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