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*FACEPALM* I COMPLETELY FORGOT!!! Today is Wild & Sexy Wednesday!!!!! I don't have time to write a whole card on Jackson rn so I'll do that tomorrow cause imma pass out! But for now just look at some pics!! I'm soooooo sorry guys!😱😫 also you might see me comment on some peoples fanfics, but that's cause I need to give my opinion before I pass out! That's just how I feel.
Sorry again😬 Tagging: @JohnEvans , @CrystalGuerra Let me know if you wanna be tagged or untagged for future cards in this collection!!!
What's Jackson Wang made of? HUSBAND material!
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@CrystalGuerra lol yesssss! Ok yep I can't stay awake any more! Gn Vingle friends!
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@EmmaJolie nite nite. don't dream of Jackson too much lol
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the pic of him and the cat kind of looks like he is saying its not what it looks like i promise
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