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I was just staring at him. Looking at every area of his face. I hadn't seen him like this since the break up. "You don't look bad at all." He started when I didn't respond he continued. "I guess you look good no matter what to me." I could tell I was starting to blush. I looked down. Even though we weren't face to face physically he still had this kind of effect on me. "Thanks. You look like you're doing fine." I said quietly. "I'm sorry what was that? I couldn't hear you?" I looked at him. "I said thanks you look like you are doing just fine." "Yea but I have a make up artist that makes me look good." He smirked "I thought you didn't have a concert till later tonight?" I smiled catching him. "Fine you caught me I don't have anything on. But since you said I still look good..." "Wait I never said you looked good " "You implied it." "I guess." He smiled and ruffled his hair. "So should we talk about what happened between us?" My smile fell. "I would prefer not to." "Come on if we talk about it we can move on." "Move on?" Would talking to him about it help me move on from him? Maybe it would be better. "Yea. Once it's out there it's easier to get over and move on and do what needs to be done." He rubbed under his nose. "Maybe we should then." " let's start at why you thought you had to break up with me?" I thought about how to word this so it didn't seem like I was weak. But I was. There's no way I have that much confidence to hold on to him.


"Oh crap." Jimin said and then in a second I saw Taes face. My face lit up. I missed him. "Tae! How have you been?" "(Y/n) I've been good. Although Jimin here hasn't. I've helped him as much as I could but..." "Shut up Tae she doesn't need to know." Tae just looked at me and gave me this hilarious look. I started laughing. "Yea you have my number text me if you want." "Alright" He smiled and left. "I haven't heard your laugh in so long. I still love it" "Jimin...stop it." I tried to contain the laugh that I had but it didn't work. He was trying to be really serious but it was just cute.


"(Y/N)!" I heard and then with in a second again there were new faces. Jungkook and Hoseok were pushing Jimin out of the way. "Hey guys!" "Tae told us you guys were video chatting and we had to come see you " Jungkook said smiling "I guess everyone missed me." "Yea Jimin was weird like he wouldn't talk about you to us. But we knew he was hiding it from us." Hoseok said. "I'm so glad you guys are back together this will make everyone happy." Jungkook added. "Oh we arent..." "Guys seriously stop this. We aren't together and you are probably going to make it really hard for us to get back together." Jimin sounded frustrated. "Hey it was nice talking to you guys but..." I said stopping "Oh we get it ok see ya later." Hoseok said pushing Jungkook out of the room. "I'm sorry" "Don't be there just being good friends." I wish I could touch him. I traced his face on my computer screen. I'm glad he couldn't actually see me doing this. "Jiminie don't be so sad." "I'm sorry I can't help it. I needed to be normal for them and the only safe place was the shower. I could hide that I had cried." "Jimin I broke up with you because I thought you needed someone your own status. Yes I love you but I didn't want to hold you back." "How do you think you'd hold me back?" "I just would." "Seriously that's your excuse?" "Yes." "Do you think there's a chance for us to be together?" "If I change maybe." "I don't want you to change I want you just the way you are!" Jimin was getting angry at me. "Yes, but you know what this isn't going to help." I said getting ready to end the video. Running away was the easiest thing for me. "Don't you dare run away from me." "I don't want to talk about this anymore." "Fine. You know for the longest time I thought you just didn't think I'd make it and left me." "Never! That would be a stupid reason. I didn't care if you'd make it or not although I knew you'd make it big" We were silent for awhile. I was just looking at him while he had his head down and was messing with his hair. Yea he was frustrated. He wasn't going to take it out on me he was just going to hold it in. "Hey do you remember that time when Lexi and Tae were arguing and we shoved them in a closet together." "Yea" He didn't look up yet. "They were so pissed at us and we were just sitting blocking the door so they couldn't easily get out." "Yea they were annoying that was near the end of there relationship wasn't it." He glanced at me. His hair covering part of his eyes. My stomach did flips. "Yea. But they eventually stopped fighting and when we opened the door they were making out." I laughed "Yea it was weird...but I remebered what happened after that." "Yea?" I couldn't stop smiling. "Well they did get us back for that." "Yea but trick was on them. We wanted to be locked in a room." "Ok ok maybe we shouldn't talk like this." He was smiling now. "I got you to smile so my work is done." "(Y/n)" He growled my name. "Ha... sorry Jiminie! But hey I gotta go. I do have to clean up. I want to wash my face and get some more work done." "Promise me one thing?" He said before I ended the video. "What's that?" "Promise me you'll have an open mind. That if I can show you that you have nothing to worry about you'll come back to me." "Open mind?" Having open mind meant that somewhere down the road we could be together. That was better than giving up on him all together. "Yea. I just need to know that there would be some hope." "Ok I'll keep an open mind." "Ok..go get cleaned up." He smiled "Ok bye" We ended the call and I went to the bathroom and washed my face. After I took a little nap and then did a bit of work. *you got a text* Lexi: Hey are you feeling better? Me: yup. Lexi: Tae text me. Me: What did he say? Lexi: Well he wants his best friend happy as do I so we're know that you guys will get back together. Me: I don't know....I'm going to keep an open mind. I promised Jimin. Lexi: YOU PROMISED HIM! WHEN?!?! Me: When we were about to end our video chat. Lexi: Wait you guys video chatted?!!? Me: Didn't you say Tae text you? Lexi: He left out that detail. Me: Wow...he was being considerate of me. Lol Lexi: Oh he's going to get it. After that she stopped texting me. I then decided since he was probably getting ready for the concert I could send a text. Me: Good luck on your concert....break a leg but don't really break your leg. Lol Jiminie: haha thanks I'll do amazing just for you! Me: You don't need to. Do it for your fans. Jiminie: Are you a fan? Me: Yes Jiminie: Then ok but I'll be thinking about you. I was slowly breaking my walls down. Or more of Jimin was doing it. My doubts started to seem stupid. I fell asleep early. The bed was so inviting. "Hey (y/n)" "Mmm" "Wake up." Wait a minute. I opened my eyes and saw Jimins face. He was laying on my bed with his head on the pillow. "What are you doing here?" "I didnt want to wait anymore so I took a flight here. I only have a few hours." "Jimin why would you do this?" "Because I love you. You love me and we just need to be together." He placed his hand on my cheek using his thumb to lightly rub against my skin. "Jiminie" We had been staring at each other for what felt like forever when. He finally pulled me closer to him and pressed his lips against mine. I needed his kisses and he could tell. We were moving fast. Our kisses showed how much we needed each other and how much we really loved each other. "(Y/n)" He said trying to catch his breath. I rolled over and straddled him. "Let's not waste the time we have." I smirked. "Oh let's not" He placed his hands on my waist. I started unbuttoning his shirt. I didn't get far before he took over. This need of wanting each other was too strong and these clothes were just in the way. "Fuck." I said pulling my shirt off. "God I missed your body." He rubbing his hands up my exposed skin sending sparks through out my body. "Jiminie." I hovered over his lips teasing him. "Fuck" He said and flipped me over. He quickly removed his pants and I slipped my shorts off. "I'm going to fuck you so hard." He smirked and I became even more excited. *Yaaaah wake up ....wake up. Yaaaah wake up....wake up* I opened my eyes. Are you kidding me that was a dream! Dammit. It felt so real. I smacked my alarm and rolled over grabbing my pillow and squeezing it tight.
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Omgeee hahasssss noooo this was a fun read hahasssss thanks for tagging me always .πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
I thought it was real!!!😱 I was so excited that they were going to be together but NOO!! it had to be a dream!!!πŸ˜” why!?!?😭 keep up the good workπŸ‘
@janellym123 will do lol Cuz Jimin is a sexy there I had to share my fave one lol
Ya! Wae?? Why perfect man at the end? That kills me so much πŸ˜‚ the Jimin focus though Tag me! ^^
Omg I feel like Im really talking to him xD I can see him rubbing under his nose γ… γ… 
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