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As I'm catching up on One Fine Day, I can't help but notice when my pairs do things together!

And this time, it seems Seungkwan and Hansol (SeungSol) are up to something yet again!

Seungkwan heads up first, being the brave little boy that could!

On their search for barnacles, he is determined to be the first one and pick up a bountiful load for the group!

Until, that is, when Hansol overtakes him and puts on a front like climbing this ROCKY MOUNTAIN SIDE is nothing!

But he does not forget his comrade!

And like his usual self, Seungkwan bats it off like it's nothing and attempts to shrug his struggles off.

But Hansol doesn't let him slip that easy!


Ssungkwan, who is ever the butt of life's jokes, becomes scared on the rocks!

Hansol does not help one bit, here. He makes it look so easy.

Yet again, Seungkwan pauses in fear that he'll fall off.

Until Hansol takes his hand, that is!

And then they were off to cut barnacles together as any happy sea-side couple would do.

#RelationshipGoals though #2MOR is better.
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