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Around 9 the following night you get a text.
KK: I am going to be a little late. Do you mind just meeting me at my place?
YOU: No problem. Want me to make you something to eat?
KK: Nope, just want you.
You smile as butterflies take up residence in your stomach. It's your first over night date, you don't just want to show up, just you. You decide to take over a dip and bread, he’s always hungry.
As you let yourself into his apartment, you get to work on the dip. You don’t know how late he’ll be but it can always be reheated. He actually isn’t much later than your original ten o’clock date. He comes rushing in, gives you a quick kiss, and disappears into the bathroom with a
“Give me just a minute”.
You put the dip with bread, along with some drinks out on the table and wait for him on the couch. Tonight might have expectations but you’re determined to try and help him relax.
When he emerges, the bags he had with him are gone. He hangs up his coat; see’s the food and gives you a big grin.
“I told you, you didn’t need to,” he mumbles around a moan as he dips a piece of bread into the dip and devours it.
“God that’s good.”
He leans over and kisses you again, “Thank you”.
You pat the cushion next to you, “Come sit down, you must be tired.”
“Just a minute,” he says as he heads over to the fridge. He pulls out a box and brings it over with a grin.
“Open it.”
You look at him, a little perplexed but take the box. He looks like a little boy with an unopened Christmas gift. As you lift the lid, you can’t help but smile. Inside are a dozen pink cupcakes with Hello Kitty rings decorating the tops.
He takes one out, takes the ring off the top and licks the icing off. He motions for your hand and puts it on your finger. That little boy smile is back as he states,
“Happy One Month Anniversary”.
Has it really been a month? His planning for this night makes so much more sense now. You reach over and grab his face,
“How did I get so lucky?”
“Hmm, good question; how did you?”
After another, longer smooch he reaches again for the cupcake. He unwraps it and starts to feed it to you. One bite for you, one for him and you protest.
“Hey! That’s my job; I get to feed it to you.”
He laughs, “Oh we’ve done that route, I actually want some to eat this time.”
You reach into the box and dip your finger into the icing of one of the cupcakes.
“Hmm, you don’t want to end up like this?” you comment as you smear pink icing across his cheek.
“Oh!” he mocks shock and an icing war breaks out. The war lasts only a few moments before it turns into a delicious diversion.
“I think it tastes better here,” he growls as he licks off the icing he's smeared on you.
“How did I get so lucky?” he gives back your question.
“How do you complain about my couch?” You fire back and he throws his head back and laughs.
“I did promise,” he admits as he leers at you.
With that he throws you over his shoulder to your answering screams.
He pretends to want to toss you down on the bed but instead lets you slide down his body until your feet touch the floor.
As he nibbles on your neck he responds, “Yes?”
When he lays you back on the bed you manage to whisper, “Never mind.”
Snuggled up together, he reaches over to his jeans.
“Ugh, I almost forgot!”
He pulls out a little box, than reaches over and removes the Hello Kitty plastic ring from your finger.
“Hey! What if I wanted that?”
“You can still have it, on your dresser or somewhere."
"But if you’re wearing that, you can’t wear this.”
If you watched Bromance with Zico, his friend made a Cheesy Corn dip. I figured it out =] If you're interested, it is 1 Can Drained Whole Kernal Corn, Enough Milk to come to the top of the corn - not cover it, and your choice of melting cheese. I used Smoked Gouda - about half the block so it was thicker but you can use Asiago, Cheddar, colby, fontina, Gouda, Gruyère, Havarti, Monterey Jack, or Muenster. Heat until melted or until desired thickness. We ate it with Sour Dough Bread bites and Tortilla Scoops - my kids ate it straight lol. Yummy!
sounds divine. did he just give me a promise ring? a couple ring? what is life?
awee i love cute plastic rings!
why did i even tried to read this its 8:43am i didn't get sleep and the fact zico is just trying me and my ideal type is not helping 😂😂😂😂
Aww I just fainted from cuteness!!!😊😊💖💖
omg dies