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This Ayato. He is a vampire. What else is there to say? I mean look at his kawaii face ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ. (≧∇≦)/
Anime: Diabolik Lovers hope your Wednesday was great❤
@SAMURXAI I really wish they do something and maybe clear up some confusion. They ended the season just how they started it, I feel. They only focused on some new characters that were introduced. I really hope they make a season 3 that is better than the first 2 but I agree they can keep all the hot guys.
@DestinyAgnew no, nothing happens to Yui. Well other than the normal getting her blood sucked. The 4 brothers do something to her but it's not worse than what the 6 brothers do to her. In the group of 4 brothers the green haired guy does something to a character, probably not any character you're thinking of, but most people wouldn't be faced by it. It's just like in the movies when someone kills a person it's like ok that's pretty sad but when an animal gets killed people are like "you monster how could you" this does not apply to everyone it's just the best example I could think of
@DestinyAgnew I think they're all hot to. I wish they could work on giving in to their temptations. Yui's a friend not food
@SAMURXAI @JessicaFerrier i gotta agree with u guys there. But my favorite was Ayato!😍😍😍😆 but i like all of them though😍 they're all hot!😍😍😍😍😍😆😍😍😆😆
@SAMURXAI season 2 confused me a lot. I think I would have rather them make it into vampire rape porn. I mean at least we would get something out of it. I really like the animation and all the potential but it's all waisted if the writers do nothing with that potential.
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