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I've been dealing with a break out of sorts, and decided to rewash my sheets & pillowcases, clean all my towels & wash my makeup brushes to get rid of any buildup or oils that might be hanging out in there!! Here my brushes are drying ^_^

Reminder that you should clean your brushes more often than you think!! :D

If you don't know how to clean your brushes, try this tutorial or this one for cheap!!!
Personally, I use baby shampoo to clean mine by just putting a tiny bit on my hand and brushing in circular motions over it after getting the brushes wet with lukewarm water until it runs clear! Then I set them up like seen above to let them dry. This is so the water doesn't run into the glue too much, which can loosen the bristles!

When was the last time you cleaned your brushes?

def about to clean mine.
Oh hahaha I forget all the time too!! I actually just recently washed them, but I'm pretty lazy about it too until I hit a pimple or something. 😑
I cleaned them last week when I got home from a trip! But I try to clean them every other week. I clean my beauty blender after every use though, because for some reason sponges hold on to germs longer, because of the moisture. Def a good reminder!
@jazziejazz yasss!! it's so satisfying!