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I LOVE Miraculous The adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir!!!!! I totally ship Marinette/Ladybug x Adrien/Chat Noir or Cat Noir!! I've only seen like, 2 posts on here!! Please tell me someone else loves this show too just as I do!! I WANNA SEE SEASON TWO!! HURRY UP WILL YA DANG IT!!
My favorite character is Cat/Chat Noir!!
If you post anything Miraculous Ladybug, PLEASE TAG ME!!! I'll tag you as well if you want!!
Shipping videos!

If you have no idea what it is, I shall explain!

Well wiki will anyway! Set in modern-day Paris, the series focuses on teenage聽ninth grader Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate and crush Adrien Agreste.When evil arises, Marinette transforms into her secret superhero persona Ladybug, while Adrien transforms into his superhero persona Cat Noir. Oblivious to each other's true identities, the two work together to protect Paris from the mysterious villain Hawk Moth, who covets and attempts to steal their powers by using his聽akuma, butterflies infused with black energy, to influence and transform everyday citizens into supervillains.


@AshChrimson nicktoons. But they are off order. http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/Miraculous-Ladybug-Dub 馃槈
Although I'm a big LadyNoir/ AdriNatte shipper myself, no one can top Master Fu's level 馃槀
I love it!! And it reminds me a lot of sailor moon and tuksedo mask ^-^
I swear season two can't come any faster it feels like XD
@FirePrincess11 So true! 馃槀
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