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Here's our sultry and badass leader. This is a week late but now I'm feeling better.So the rest of week I'll be writing one shots and it will have a smut alternate ending which will be after the fluff section and will have a Pic warning for those who do not want to read it. You do not have to read it because it does not add anything to the story. Welp I hope you enjoying this one shot. He's a fallen angel and your the girl that makes him feel like he found redemption. Enjoy reading.
JB'S Pov I once was a guardian angel entrusted with charges to guide and protect them through their days. I thought I was doing an excellent job of being a guardian until one day she happened. I remember every detail of what she looks like and every aspect of her personality. No I did not fall in love with her. It was the fact that I failed her. I failed in saving her because I was to distract by my lustful thoughts of another charge. I was not guarding her like I was suppose to, but instead I was watching a shallow girl that only cared about her looks and herself. I was blinded by her beauty which lead to my feelings of disgrace. This overwhelming feeling of shame and guilt led to my fall. My brothers believe it was because I was in love. I was not in love and my arrogance led to an innocent to leave their life early. I was the first to fall. I fell because I was hoping I'd be able to find some redeeming qualities in myself. Be able to make up for my past mistakes. Being the leader of this group allows me to take charge and take charge of my brothers and fans all over the world even if it is just making them smile. Being able to touch their lives in some way brings joy and sometimes lessens the guilt. I hope to find my courage here and maybe a true love. I get a lot of alone time after practice and performances. I try to let my anger issues become less of a problem by spending time alone. I really am not angry at my brothers but at myself. I just tend to take out my frustrations and guilt on them. My anger has become less and less of a problem. I actually have found myself laughing more and more and even smiling out of the blue. I walk to internalize everything going on inside my head. One day I happened to see a girl late at night standing on a bridge over water. I could see the tears falling from her eyes. I stopped to talk to her. Something inside of me told me that I needed to stop or I regret it. I am so glad I stopped. "May I ask why you are crying? Is everything okay? I can lend my ears and shoulders if need be?" "No, I just..." She hesitates. I smile encouragingly at her. "If you don't want to talk about you, I can talk about me. Would you like that instead?"
She nods her head yes. "Well you might not believe what I am about to tell you but it is 100% true. My name is Jaebum, Im Jaebum, JB for short. I am an angel. I fell from heaven. I chose to fall." I sneak a peek at her, her face is one of disbelief. "You see I fell because I was over ridden with guilt and shame. My title as an Angel is Guardian but one day I did not do that job so well. I got blinded by a shallow girl and became obsessed with watching everything she did and it took me away from my other charges. One day an innocent girl lost her life because I was not watching over her. She was murdered by her parents. So being the coward that I am I decided to fall to earth. I just couldn’t stand seeing every angels disappointing glare, and my brothers empathy. I hate myself. Falling from heaven is like a slow death for me. I mean you would hate me too, right?" I stare at her. "No, I wouldn't hate you too. Everyone gets caught up sometime and distracted from their jobs. Its not like you meant for it to happen. I bet God understands and forgives you. He loves everyone and gives forgiveness, Jaebum. Have you asked him for forgiveness? Have you asked yourself for forgiveness. I bet the charge that lost her life even forgives you." "Do you think so, umm…" "Forgive my rudeness Jaebum my name is (y/n). I really do believe that. I need to believe that. I was crying because I was asking for forgiveness for thinking suicidal thoughts. My medication dosing is not working right. You see I found myself on this bridge thinking these thoughts. When you came upon me I saw this golden light behind your head. As you told your story. I felt in my heart the forgiveness I was seeking you." "I am happy you found the forgiveness you where looking for. Can I walk you home?" "That would be really great Jaebum." I walked her home that night. Something inside of me told me I needed to keep seeing this girl and get to know her. Her story and her positivity about forgiveness touched something inside of me. It set a light bulb to go off in my head. I exchanged numbers with her. Over the course of sixth months I met (y/n), and learned she suffered from bipolar disorder and that she goes through different stages of mania, ones where she is super depressed and suicidal and others where she is euphoric. I learned when she is in these stages her medications are not working. Those are some scary and intense times. I have grown to fully love her. She never once told me how her bipolar disorder start. She said one day she would tell me what set it off. With (y/n)'s help I have been able to start to forgive myself. My anger has settled down. I feel more alive with her in my existence. We have now been dating 3 months out of the 6 months since I met her. I feel like I am ready to say those three words I love you. I want to tell her. Her texts lately though have become more sporadic and nonsensical. I feel like she hasn't been taking her medication.
My phone rings and I look down and a smile appears on my face as I see her picture on my screen. I answer. "Hello, princess. I can't wait to see you in a few hours. How are you feeling today?" "Jaebum… Jaebum please come now. I need you…Please?" The tone of her voice as me on high alert. "(y/n) princess, angel, Where are you?" "Jaebum…Please hurry…I don't think I am winning. Please hurry." Her soft voice pleading with me. "(y/n), where are you? I will come. Just tell me where." "I am seeking forgiveness. Hurry please. I love you. Please Jaebum. I'm sorry." The line goes dead. My heart picks up speed. I can't let her down. I can't let her lose her life or I will never be able to look anyone in the eye ever again. She is seeking forgiveness. A light bulb goes off in my head. I fly straight to the bridge. I got there in the nick of time. She catapulted her self off the bridge and I caught her in my arms as I was flew in. I land on the bridge hugging her to my body. I then look down at her face. Tears streaking down her face. I stroke her hair and caress her face as I wipe away her tears. "(y/n), I got you. I came. You are safe. Shh… Please don't cry. I love you. Shhh… I promise it will be ok." I murmur in her ear as I rock us back and forth. I feel a light envelop our bodies. I felt my guilt and shame go away from losing my one charge. I am able to still save someone. I had the courage and the faith in myself to make it to her in time. I look down at her and press a kiss to her forehead. She sighs. "Jaebum, I'm sorry, my demons got to much for me." I shush her and press a kiss to her lips. "Princess, its ok. God told me where I could find you to save you. He put you in my path for a reason. You are my redemption and my courage. Do you feel and see the light that envelops our bodies? That is him hugging us. Do you hear him?" She listens close like I do. "There will always be forgiveness when sought and help in the most unlikely of situations. Remember I am always watching and sometimes my plans are bigger than what meets the eyes. All my children, angels and humans are precious to me some have to come home in a short amount of time others stay for a longer period. My love will always be here. Most angels fall not because of their choices though I let them think that but because I need them on earth. Jaebum, I need you here for her. To help protect her from herself. You are her guardian now. You are now human to stay with her through all of her days. (y/n), I am gifting you him and a necklace with angel wings that are Jaebum's shrunk down to ward off your inner demons. Be well my children and remember forgiveness and love is first found within yourselves." I see her gold necklace and touch my wings around her neck. She smiles up at me. I smile back down. "Can we go home now Jaebum?" I stand with her and slide her down my body so she stands on her two feet. She wraps her arms around my neck and stands on her tiptoes and gives me a peck. She then releases the kiss and grabs my hand. "I love you to Jaebum. Let's go home now." I start walking with her. We reached her apartment. We go in and we go to lay down on her bed to cuddle. I wrap her in my arms and press a kiss to her forehead. I softly sing to her as she falls asleep. She turns her body more into my side and hugs me tighter. I sigh in contentment. "I will always protect you. I'll protect you from yourself too. I promise." She sighs in her sleep and says. "You have always saved me Jaebum."
I ended up falling asleep with her. As I woke up with her in my arms, I noticed she had one leg around my waist, an arm on my chest by her face. I look down at her and kiss her head. I feel her stir. She moves her hand down and it brushes against my member. I let out a little moan at the contact. I hear her snicker. She sneaks her hands down my pants and grabs my member. She starts working it up and down. She then stops and removes her hand. She straddles my hips and bites down on her lip and looks at me. I look up at her smiling. She leans forwards and captures my mouth in a kiss. Her hands in my hair pulling as she grinds our cloth bodies together. Her shorts rubbing over my hard on. I moan into the kiss. She pulls back from the kiss and lifts the hem of her shirt. I bite my lip watching in anticipation. Once her shirt is up over her head, I place my hands on her waist. She arches her back as she licks her finger and trails it down over her cleavage, down her stomach to her shorts as she rides my member through our clothes. I feel the wetness and heat off her and myself and I moan. My hands travel up her sides to the back of her bra and undoes the clasp. I pull it down of her arms. I then cup her breasts and fondle them. Her nipples become hard and I pinch them and roll them as he arches more into it. She finally leans forward and I capture one nipple in my mouth. My hands glide down her sides and start to push her shorts down. She places both her hands besides my head. I remove my lips from her nipple. I blow air on it, causing her to develop goose bumps all over her skin. "I think we both need less clothes," she states. I hum in agreement. She gets off of me and takes off her shorts and panties. I sit up and remove my shirt. I slide over to the side of the bed and bring my legs over and was about to stand up and take my pants and boxers off when (y/n) she walks over to me and undoes my pants and pulls them off. My member springs free. She looks up at me as she licks her lips. She takes my length inside her mouth. First going slowly making sure to take my entire length. She looks up at me as she reaches the base, and moans around me. She goes back up slowly letting her teeth slightly graze my member heightening the feeling for me. I love watching her go back down my length a little faster. She starts to pick up her face faster and faster. I feel myself wanting to come as I find my hands going to her hair. I hold her their for a second and then quickly start to thrust insider her mouth. I feel myself cum inside her mouth as I look down seeing her fingering herself. She swallows every drop of my cum and licks me clean. I pull her up to her feet and I kiss her mouth. I taste myself inside her and moan. I turn her around and press her down to the bed. I kiss and bite my way down her stomach, to her pussy. I start licking her up and down slowly at first like she did me. As her moans increase I start licking her faster. I feel her become wetter and I inserts a finger and bites down on her clit gently and start sucking on it. I add another finger as she moans loader. I am stretching her with each thrust of my finger. I then remove my fingers and start thrusting inside her pussy with my tongue. I am lapping up her juices as she moans even more. I go to suck on her clit again and thrust three fingers up inside her pussy and turn them upward. I hit her g-spot and she comes hard around my fingers. I use her juices to coat my length with my hand. I kiss up her body and let her taste her juices on my lips. I position myself at her entrance and slowly thrust in. Her walls clench around me. "Jagiya, you are so tight," I grunt. I wait for her to adjust to my length and girth. When she lifts her hips up to signal me. I start to thrust. Starting slowly until she begs for me to go faster. As I start to go faster I grab her ankles and set them on my shoulders as I go deeper into her. Thrusting in and out. I feel her orgasm starting. Her walls clenching and pulsating against my member in a vice grip. I bite lip as I look down at her wild hair and her hands on her breasts. She pulls her nipples and screams my names as she cums. I thrust a few more times into her and call out her name and drop her legs and collapse on top of her. She wraps her arms around me kisses the top of my head. "I love you Jaebum, and always will my guardian angel" "Forever and always yours and only yours (y/n)."
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