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Ch. 7
(WARNING SMUT) must be 18+ to read
“Suga!” Jimin says surprised. Hobi quickly let’s go of Jimin.
“Oh hey Suga.” Hobi says clearing his throat. Suga walks up towards Jimin and puts his arm around Jimin’s shoulders.
“Hey Yoongi, I told Hobi about us. Is that okay? I mean he kinda figured it out on his own.” Jimin turns towards Suga to see him smile and nod his head in response.
“I’m happy for you Suga hyung, I hope you guys are happy.” Hobi said as he gives a big smile.
“Thanks man, it was a surprise for the both of us.” Suga responds as he moves towards Hobi and gives him a hug Suga whispers in Hobi’s ear.
“I know you love Jimin, but I promise I won’t hurt him and I’ll love him with everything.” Hobi just pats Suga’s back and nods in response.
“I’m going to get back and leave you two love birds alone.” Hobi says with a wink. As he turns around Jimin shouts.
“Accept him hyung, you won’t regret it I promise.” Hobi smiles at Jimin’s words and just waves his hand. Suga looks at Jimin confused.
“Tae finally confessed his feelings to Hobi hyung.” Jimin explains. Suga nods his head.
“Ahh, oh wait about Kookie? Isn’t he in love with Tae?” Suga looks at Jimin, mentally slapping his face for bringing Kookie up. Jimin looks at Suga with a smile and nods.
“This may be interesting. But you know what, I don’t care.” Jimin says. Jimin takes Suga’s hand in his and kisses the top of his hand. “I’m more interested in my feelings towards you, and your feelings towards me.” Jimin says with a wink. Suga remove’s his hand from Jimin’s and slap’s him on the back of the head.
“Dude, you don’t have to be cheesy ya know.” Suga says, as Jimin is rubbing the spot where Suga slapped him. Jimin just chuckles and they both start walking towards the dorm.
Hobi reached the dorm first of course and when he entered the living room he didn’t see Tae anywhere.
“Where’s Tae?” Hobi asks. Without looking away from his video game Jungkook answered.
“I think he’s in bed asleep hyung.”
“Thanks.” Hobi replied. Jungkook just nodded his head. Hobi headed to his room and opened the door slowly just in case Tae was asleep he didn’t want to disturb him. Hobi was surprised to see Tae’s back facing the door and he was holding a pillow with his face buried in it. At first when Hobi saw this he panicked and thought Tae wasn’t breathing. So Hobi rushes to Tae and pulls the pillow out of his arms away from his face checking his breathing only to relax when he felt Tae’s breath on his finger.
“Hobi hyung, please love me.” Tae says in his sleep. Hobi feels his heart beating fast again without thinking Hobi just leans down and kisses Tae on the lips. What surprised him is when Tae started to kiss him back. Hobi’s eyes shot open to see Tae wasn’t asleep anymore that he was awake. Hobi pulls away and Tae just smiles.
“I’m dreaming aren’t I.” Tae asks Hobi. Hobi smiles and nods his head.
“It’s a good dream.” Tae says. Hobi places his hands on Tae’s face and Tae slides his hands over Hobi’s smiling.
“I need to give you an answer about my feelings towards you.” Hobi said. Tae just nodded.
“Tae, I realized that my feelings for Jimin are brotherly love and not romantic love. My heart beats fast near you, when I see you and when you kissed me I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. So with this, I hope you remember my confession to you. I love you Tae.” Hobi moves closer to Tae’s face and gives him another kiss.
After Hobi moves away he’s looking at Tae who smiles and pulls Hobi down to the bed and wraps his arms around him holding him.
“Let’s sleep together hyung.” Tae says as he sighs, Hobi just smiles and holds Tae’s hands. In the morning Tae wakes up first and is surprised to see Hobi sleeping next to him. Tae just looks on Hobi as he sleeps and he can’t believe Hobi accepted him. He’s so happy could scream. Tae moves Hobi’s hair away from his eyes causing Hobi to stir and open his eyes. When he does Hobi smiles at Tae.
“Good morning.” Hobi says softly.
“Good morning hyung.” Tae replies. Tae smiles and leans in to kiss Hobi. Hobi starts to wake up from Tae kissing him and kissing Tae back Hobi wraps his arms around him bringing Tae closer. They were chest to chest Tae started sliding his hands up Hobi’s shirt feeling his chest rubbing his left nipple and pinching it. Hobi moaned softly against Tae’s mouth. Tae liked the response he was getting from Hobi that he pressed his hips against Hope to show him how hard his morning erection was.
Hobi understood and reached down and rubbed his hand on Tae’s erected member. It was Tae’s turn to moan, and it made Hobi want Tae more. They both sit up and take each other’s shirt’s off, Tae pushes Hobi back down on the bed and Tae lays on his side kissing Hobi moving down his neck and returning to his nipples. Tae takes the left and pinches, and flicks it. While he moves to place the right nipple in his mouth sucking and licking it flicking it with his tongue. Tae hears moaning from Hobi and moves down licking and kissing until he reaches Hobi’s pants. Tae unbuckles the belt and unbuttons the pants, pulling them off along with Hobi’s boxers Hobi’s hard erection springs out, Tae finishes taking Hobi’s pants off and throws them on the floor. As Tae comes back down he kisses the tip of Hobi’s erection and grabs the base. Stroking the shaft as he licks and kisses on the tip, Tae moves to the shaft licking up and down before wrapping his mouth around it and sucking.
Hobi arches his back thrusting his hips as Tae sucks on him, grabbing Tae’s head pushing him down making him take all of him in his hot mouth. Tae made sure Hobi was well lubricated, Tae get’s up and pulls his pants and boxers off, after he’s naked he stands in front of Hobi, stroking himself. Hobi is eager for Tae to ride him.
“Come here.” Hobi says. Tae moves forward and sits on top of Hobi’s lap. They start kissing each other as Tae takes his hand and angels Hobi’s member so it would go inside him. Tae pushes himself down making moaning sounds while Hobi takes his index and middle fingers and pinch Tae’s nipples. Tae sits without moving for a few moments to get adjusted to Hobi’s size when he felt comfortable he started to move slowly up and down.
Leaning down to kiss Hobi, Tae bits his lip as Hobi thrusts deep inside him. Hobi was glad he was kissing Tae at that moment because Tae let out a loud moan that he thought he would wake up the other members. Hobi decides it’s time to change positions.
“On your knees baby.” Hobi tells Tae. Tae gets off of Hobi and does as he’s told. Hobi gets behind him and rubs the head of his cock against Tae’s opening before pushing it back inside of Tae. Being in this position allows for Tae’s moans to be muffled better since he’s pretty loud. Hobi thrusts a few more times moving faster, pushing deeper, Tae’s stroking his cock with each powerful thrust.
A few more thrusts and Tae can feel Hobi release inside of him which makes him climax. Hobi lays on Tae’s back catching his breath. Tae turns his head.
“I haven’t had morning sex in a long time, I’m glad it was with you.” Tae says. Hobi chuckles and rolls off of Tae. Tae turns over resting his arm on Hobi’s chest.
“We need to get up and shower. I wish we didn’t have to do anything today.” Hobi says to Tae. Tae just nods.
“What would we do today if we had it off?” Tae asked.
Hobi thought for a moment. “More of this, and hanging out.” Tae laughed. They got up and put their boxers back on, went to the bathroom and showered.
After they were dressed they walked into the dining area and saw everyone was already up and eating breakfast.
“Good morning sleepy heads.” Jin says.
“Dude, you went to bed before any of us, why are you two just getting up now?” Jungkook asks. Tae and Hobi look at each other and smile.
“We were talking.” They say at the same time and sit down next to each other. Jungkook didn’t like that response, and didn’t believe it either. When he passed their room this morning he got an eerie feeling and he felt pain in his chest.
Jungkookie!!!! Now what's Hanna happen!!! He loves V but now V has hobi ! Omg !!!! I'm crying for Jungkook
@KarlythePanda66 I'm glad I could accommodate 😜
I was sooo needing some smut right now.