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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Previous; Part Five Next; Part Seven Reapers; Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin Murder: Hobi Natural Causes: Jimin Natural Disaster: JungKook
This was it, you were dying. You didn't know how but you could feel your soul disappearing. Sucked from your body and leaving it empty. You couldn't see his face, a hood covering his features. It was dark to begin with and the shadows were playing in favor. Maybe it was TaeHyung finally ending everything. Maybe he'd grown tired of the little game of his. Finally everything would end and everything would be lighter and you'd be gone. No more insanity, no more crying and no more misery. Simply bliss and you'd be gone, floating away in the endless abyss. Yet, you were crying. Real, fat tears found their way to the surface and had broken you. Eyes staring straight into the shadowed hood of the man taking you, no emotion showing yet the tears fell. You blinked him, waiting for him to end it. "You're eager to go." His voice was like velvet, his breath rolling across your skin. Musk and manly, sweat and cigarettes, he smelled completely human but he wasn't. "You want to leave so badly." His hand found your chin, holding you in place with eyes staring into blackness. "I should take you." Warm, soft and full lips met your own. They pressed heavily and he tilted your head back, the kiss deepening. Then you felt it, from the bottoms of your feet and in every nerve. Your heart tugged with the weightlessness, ready to stop it's beating. He seemed to suck the very breath from your lungs. "Not today little one." He pulled away, letting his hood fall "I've already given your tag a name and it isn't mine." He's eyes were alight in the glow of the street lamp, brown with small flecks of gold. A white tuff of hair sat atop his head and the hoodie clung to him. He was smiling, watching you size him up. "Like what you see?" He held his arms out gestering to all of him. A smirk crossed his face when you took a step back, discussed. "Who are you?" It was a whisper. Your arm raising instinctively upwards as if to block some attack that was to come. But he was quick. The man, the reaper, was there like lightening. Holding your wrist and standing impossibly close. "I am NamJoon and I am Death."
@ViStorm Hopefully I'll have another part up soon! @CreeTheOtaku YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY ASDFGHJKL
@VeronicaArtino @CreeTheOtaku I AM THE ONE SUPPOSED TO BE GIVING FEELS NOT YOU GUYS @KarlythePanda66 Is that a good what?...
why when I read this do I get chills all over my body from being so good. it plays like a video reel inside my head. your words are pure imagery
@Emealia this is amazing, like seriously amazing, more glorious than namjoon dancing on weekly idol
@CreeTheOtaku Suga is death by suicide JoonBug just rules them all ;D @ViStorm I plan to make a short series but it may go further than that, not sure yet. We've finished the intro cards though so the real story shall begin~
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