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Ch. 8
After breakfast and Tae and Hobi had dish duty because they were the last one’s up, that didn’t bother them. They quickly did the dishes and got their things. BTS had a photo shoot and then they had to be at After school club (ASC).
Jin was surprised to see Jungkook ready to head out the door. Jungkook just finished putting on his shoes when he stands up and notices Suga and Jimin together being all close. And then he sees Hobi and Tae acting the same. It made him sick to his stomach. He was jealous of Hobi and Tae. He was just bothered by the whole closeness everyone was sharing together, he felt like the third wheel in everything and it was starting to take its toll on him.
“Hey Kookie.” Jin waves his hands in Jungkook’s face snapping Jungkook out of his thoughts.
“Oh sorry hyung, what’s up?” Jungkook asked.
“I see you’re already to go, but could you wait we are almost ready.” Jin asked.
“I need some fresh air hyung, I’m gonna go out first.” Jungkook says with a smile. Jin knows something is up with Jungkook he’s not acting like himself.
“Hey guy’s Jimin and I have something to say.” Suga gets everyone’s attention.
“We’re together.” Jimin pops off, everyone clapped and shouted.
“Finally, congratulations!” everyone said. Everyone took turns hugging Jimin and Suga.
“Well, since we are making announcements, Hobi hyung and I are together too.” Tae says Jin and Namjoon look at each other, then Jimin and Suga before looking back at Tae and Hobi. That’s when Jin thought of Jungkook. Jin knew Jungkook had strong feelings towards Tae, he wondered if he knew and that’s why he wanted to be alone.
“Does Jungkook know?” Jin asked Tae and Hobi. Tae looked around for Jungkook but didn’t see him.
“Well, I don’t see him so I guess not.” Tae responds.
“Yeah, he’s outside already.” Jin replies.
The boys get their things and leave the dorm. Tae makes it to the van first and see’s Jungkook in the back with his headphones on.
“Boo!” Tae shouts into Jungkook’s ear after removing the ear bud.
“Hey man, you don’t have to scream in my ear.” Jungkook shoves Tae away, Tae looks hurt.
“I’m sorry.” Tae says, Jungkook puts the ear bud back in his ear ignoring Tae. Hobi gets in the van next to Tae and see’s that he’s upset. Tae moves his hand so that Hobi can take it and hold it. Jungkook notices it out of the corner of his eye and huffs. Tae heard it and looks over at Jungkook, who was still ignoring him.
It was a silent ride to the locations for Tae, he decided he needed to speak directly with Jungkook if they could have a moment. When they reached the location for the photoshoot, Jungkook and Tae had to wait their turns. As they waited Jungkook walked off looking around, Tae took this opportunity to follow him and have a chat.
“Kookie!” Tae shouts at Jungkook making him turn around. Jungkook takes out his ear buds.
“What Taehyung?” Jungkook tried his best not to cry or choke up he knew what Tae had to say and he felt his heart breaking.
“You know I love you right? It’s a brotherly love, I’ve been in love with Hobi hyung for a while and since Jimin and Suga are dating Hobi hyung was able to move on from loving Jimin and found himself falling for me too.” Tae explained the details about his relationship with Hobi, Jungkook just looked at him and nodding at times but with a blank face, when inside he was screaming, his heart breaking.
“I’m happy for you hyung, I wish it was me, but as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters.” Jungkook replies with a fake smile, Tae smiles back.
“Thanks, it means a lot coming from you.” Tae says. “Let’s get back before they send a search party after us.” Tae says with a chuckle. Jungkook just nods and walks with Tae back to the other members. Tae plays around with Jungkook, Jungkook plays along but inside he just wishes he could be alone.
The group was sitting around a table eating lunch. Tae and Jungkook grabbed some food and Tae sat next to J-hope while Jungkook sat next to Jin. Jungkook wasn’t really hungry but he needed to try and eat. After a little bit Jimin gets up to go to the bathroom, and Jungkook notices. After a minute or so Jungkook gets up and follows. Suga notices out of the corner of his eye.
Jimin finished in the bathroom and comes out of the stall to wash his hands and he finds Jungkook standing by the sink.
“Oh hey Kookie.” Jimin says with a smile. Jimin washes his hands quickly and grabs a paper towel.
“So is it true hyung? About you and Suga hyung?” Jungkook asked Jimin. Jimin just looks at Jungkook.
“Yeah, it’s true, we’re together.” Jimin replies. Jungkook just nods his head.
“So I guess it’s a good thing I kept pushing you away huh, you’re happy now right?” Jungkook says with a nervous laugh. Jimin just looks at him for a moment before turning his head away.
“Yeah, I’m happy with Yoongi.” Jimin replies and passes by Jungkook when all of a sudden he’s grabbed by his wrist and Jungkook pushes him towards the wall. Jimin is surprised by Jungkook’s aggressiveness.
“Your feelings for me are gone right? Being this close doesn’t affect you? My lips on yours?” Jungkook asks Jimin. Jimin turn his head away and then back to Jungkook.
“Yes it doesn’t affect me anymore.” Jimin replies, Jimin moves his face away from Jungkook again
“Then why are you turning away from me?” Jungkook says as he grabs Jimin’s chin making him face forward, Jungkook plants his lips on Jimin’s kissing him passionately. Jimin’s eyes grow wide and as he’s about to push Jungkook away someone else pulls Jungkook away.
“Suga!” Jimin yells. Suga pulls Jungkook off Jimin.
“Stay away from him kid.” Suga tells Jungkook. Suga takes Jimin’s arm and walks out of the bathroom. Jungkook pushes himself to the wall surprised by his actions. Why did I kiss Jimin? Jungkook touches his lips and notices his heart racing, he’s supposed to not have feelings for Jimin, but what was this inside of him. Jungkook felt like he needs to figure this out.
Jungkook was about to leave the bathroom when Tae comes in.
oh goodness!!!!! And now the love circle forms
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oh crap! Ish is starting to get serious.
No Kookie! I will comfort you, leave Chimchim alone! 😭😭😭
@merryjayne13 no problem! I just read the updates and WOAH! I can't wait to find out how suga reacts to what Kookie did to Jiminie!
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