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Do you share your bday with a k idol?
Sometimes I like to browse Kpop group profiles and I stumbled upon BAPs Himchan. We have the same birthday! April 19 👍 So that got me thinking; who else do I share my birthday with?
Of course, Himchan from BAP
Nara from B2Y
Zhoumi from Super Junior M
Ray from C-Clown
Who do you share a birthday with? If you make a card I'd love to see it 😊 Find out here
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sehun I share with him hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
i dont think anyone has September 10 for a bday
2 years ago·Reply
My birthday is the day after yours XD I share it with Luhan ♡♡
2 years ago·Reply
I share it with Junior from Got7
2 years ago·Reply
well idk about others. just know my biases lol and now of mine are on the same day
2 years ago·Reply