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Day 7 Favorite pictures/gifs of bias!
Yeah that's right! From the get go and forever have/will I bias the heck out of this cutie pie!! Shin Won ho! So I have had a rough week and I have several cards to catch up on, soooo I am going to be a little bit of a slacker today. I feel terrible about it. But I don't have the energy to go off on tangents and fangirl tonight. Which Shin has the magic ability to do to me.
Shin Wonho Stage Name: Shin Gene: Presh Birthday : October 23 1991 Leader and Vocal All credit for the above picture is given to @AimeeH ! I swear she knows everything about Cross Gene and often reads mind mind! So this picture is perfect in my eyes. Ok well lets get the spam started!
Don't judge me lol
I loved one part of his Hey You,Noonah teaser that I put out a special request to @AimeeH and the last picture and gif were located by her for me. YAY! It made my week!
Pink haired Shin was such a gift to the world! 😻
A little fan service
I love making wallpapers and I love even more that I have a way to share them for others to be able to use. I promise I will get my spirits back up for the rest of this challenge. Because Cross Gene deserves the love and attention. Cross Gene Tag list: @MadAndrea @IsoldaPazo @merryjane13 @RaquelArredondo @StefaniTre @StephanieDuong @jerrilynnpope Cross Gene Mod and mod support @AimeeH @XergaB20 @Tigerlily84 @baileykayleen @jgallegos222 @kmeier230 @sugajin94 #YAKPAK: @AimeeH @baileykayleen @ChelseaJay @jgallegos222 @kmeier230 @MorganElisabeth @SarahVanDorn @sugajin94 @tayunnie @torchix @PrincessUnicorn @VixenViVi @XergaB20
@Tigerlily84 I love his name that's why he's my wrecker #2
@AimeeH thank you!
Hjeeje I love it!! YEASSSS!! SHINNNNNN
@IsoldaPazo oh! Ok
@IsoldaPazo what do you mean?
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