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I'm a supporter in the Fan Fiction community

What's that mean?

Honestly I have no idea
I'm kidding...sort of I pretty much do the same thing as everyone else. But you can ask me questions And I can answer them most of the time
What I really do is bring feels inducing content I have collections that get the feels flowing and make a girl need to fan~
I'm The Feels Bringer and I have no shame
I bring fanfictions, gathering many other cards from fellow Vinglers in my masterlists (which will be updated soon) to allow you quick access to both old and new stories and imagines. I'll also have an 18+ masterlist with plenty of warnings for those of us who like the smutty smut.
Be prepared for not only other Vinglers cards but my own as well.

Time to murder your feels

Also A big shout out to our fanfic community moderator @MichelleIbarra Really this Vingler has given me the best base of one of my favorite shorts to have ever write about. Just a fabulous person because she is amazballs and she cares for her fellow Vinglers.
Yay! hi nice to meet you! (^_^) I write smut too lol
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I'm barely seeing this... Omg this is great! Thank you! ♡
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