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INFINITE's Sunggyu is receiving quite a backlash after his unfortunate choice of words revealed through a BTS video of tvN's 'Genius: Rules of the Game'. In the video clip that was uploaded on the 26th, Park Eun Ji, Lee Sang Min, and Sunggyu were seen discussing amongst themselves during the game. In the video, Park Eun Ji told Lee Sang Min, "Isn't it difficult to make a living? Now that I've lived for 30 years, I'm realizing it is really not easy." Lee Sang Min replied, "Yeah true.. When a woman reaches the age of 30...", Sunggyu jumped in to complete his sentence, "You're right. She's a yomul." 'Yomul' is a term that means deceitful, sly, wicked, and when it's aimed towards women, it is a term that describes a woman who is good at luring in men for her benefit. Woollim Entertaiment quickly responded, "It seems things have blown out of proportion. If you watch the video, Sunggyu didn't have bad intentions. He just said it at the time just going along with the atmosphere of the conversation. It was released in an exaggerated form." 'The Genius: Rules of the Game' have since made the video private after the controversy arose. Sung Gyu's tweet in response: Hello. I'm Sunggyu. It is neither a controversy nor misunderstanding. It is entirely my fault. I sincerely apologize to all those who feel disappointed and are hurt due to my imprudent words. I will have more self-reflection and learn how to respect others. Credit: allkpop, INFINITE7SOUL