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......... Warning!!!!! Okay SO I wanted to write something sad because I was in a mood and I came up with this..... The thing is... I ended up bursting into tears myself as I tried to proof read. That has never happened before so I am giving you a fair warning that you will cry.... you will die a little inside... and then you will probably want to kill me. (Also... due to tears during proof reading process I am sure there will be a lot of mistakes... I apologize.)
And if you want the full effect of the story you can listen to the song I was listening to while I wrote it..... I have posted it below.
WARNING: This does have a darker story line that very well might bring up bad memories for some... please read with caution.
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Hope you all enjoy!
Empty, there was no other way to describe how you felt. You had shed so many tears that you knew no more would come, so you sat there, in utter silence outside of your mother’s café. The sound of the rain hitting the concrete the only sound to accompany you, but you wouldn’t complain. The rain seemed fitting for your mood, you would have cursed the sky if it had even tried to be happy…. Because there was no way you could ever be happy again.
You hugged your knees to your chest and barely noticed your mother setting a glass of hot tea in front of you. She didn’t dare try to speak to you, only shoot you a pitying glance before pushing the glass door and moving into the building.
A week… your mother had told you as you emotionlessly slipped on your dress that morning that you had been sitting in the same spot for a week.
Had it really been a week already? The pain was still so fresh you had a hard time believing that a week had passed. Shouldn’t the pain be subsiding? Shouldn’t you be able to breathe again? No… the pain was still as fresh as it had been a week ago, and you saw no reason to believe it would lesson and let your heart be.
You thought about before your world crashed, that time when you used to smile and dance around the room like any normal 20 something girl would do………
Two Years Ago
You buzzed around the tables in your mother’s café like a pro. All of your customers loved you and no one could hold a candle to your one of a kind hot cocoa recipe. “Y/N! Order Up!” The sweet new lady your mother had hired called out to you.
“Coming!” You said back brightly and gracefully made your way back to the counter around the maze of tables. In one smooth swoop you grabbed the tray and made your way over to the nice elderly couple in the corner. “Here you go Mrs. Kim. Would you like another cup of coffee Mr. Kim?”
“Oh no dear, you know I shouldn’t.” Mr. Kim said to you with a glance at his wife.
You only chuckled softly and nodded your head. “Water it is then.”
Turning away you move back to start bussing the tables. That is when you heard the distinct ringing of the bell above the door and turned to greet the newest guest, only to stop and smile brightly. His tall frame and noticeable muscles were hard to miss even if he did wear a nice suit to cover it up. You had grown used to his rather frequent visits and despite yourself you even started to look forward to them. He sat in his normal table off to the side away from all of the windows and you couldn’t help but admire his dark gaze and straight emotionless face.
With a gentle smile of your own you moved over to greet him. “Good morning Leo.” You bowed slightly and couldn’t help but smile brightly when his stoic expression softened and he smiled at you ever so slightly.
“Good morning Y/N.” He said softly.
“Would you like your usual?” You hurried off to tell Mary to start his order after he nodded at you in agreement.
This turned into a morning routine and you started to even have his order ready before he even came. You loved how he would slowly open up to you and he seemed to enjoy your company even if he didn’t always show it expressively. You couldn’t be exactly sure when it had happened but eventually you two had started to date and even his friends thought you were a good match. Your bubbly personality to his shy tame demeanor was a stark contrast, but it evened out nicely.
You would never forget the day he had showed up at the café with a little black box and said happy 100 days. Later you would scold yourself for assuming he wouldn’t remember and not getting anything for him. Inside the box were couple rings engraved with the word promise. You couldn’t hide your excitement as you let him put the ring on your finger. “I love it!” You squealed.
The time had passed quickly and before you knew it you had been together over a year. He had finally gotten over being shy and would tell you, in a soft whisper you almost had to be listening for to hear, that he loved you.
A tear rolled down your cheek and you marveled at the fact that you still had tears to shed. Two years, yes, that day a week ago would have been your two-year anniversary.
You looked down at a puddle by your feet and squeezed your legs tighter to your chest.
As the fresh tears started to make their way down your cheeks you let your head fall to land on your knees in an attempt to hide your tear streaked face to the world around you.
Not for the first time you wondered why it had to have happened to you. Of all of the people in the world, why did you have to suffer so. You were angry and hurt and sad when you had first found out, but now? Now you were broken.
Days…. You had been looking forward to your date and it had taken you days to pick out the right dress. The same dress you adorned now, with the addition of leggings so you didn’t have to worry about sitting properly.
Two Weeks Earlier
“I love you insane sane sane.” You danced around the room a bright smile on your face as he just watched you. You would skip between tables singing loudly and the customers would laugh and clap with you. Out of the corner of your eye you could see him smiling at you adoringly but the moment you turned to look at him he was back to his usual straight faced self. “Leoooo.” You sang as you walked over to him. “Sing for me?”
With your request the rest of the customers started to push at him to sing a song for them. You couldn’t help but love his voice. There was more than one occasion that you couldn’t sleep and would call asking him to sing to you until you fell asleep, and like a good boyfriend he always would.
You smiled as he started to sing a sweet ballad that you had once told him was one of your favorites. The customers around you all smiled and swayed with him as he sang to you. They had grown used to seeing you two together. You had even heard some of your regulars asking when he was planning on marrying you. He would always just respond with, soon, before he would grow red and stop talking all together.
As the customers started to leave and you locked up the door he pulled you close and reminded you that your two-year anniversary was just around the corner. “Don’t forget. I will pick you up here at 6pm. Not a moment later.” He smiled shyly at you and stole a chassed kiss from your lips.
That is when you had started to panic. You had nothing to wear, you and your best friend had spent days looking for the dress she said was engagement ready. You didn’t think he would go that far yet, but secretly you wished he would.
Your tears only increased. How could you have been that happy and ready to take on the world only two weeks ago. The rain had started to fall faster and you tried to hold back the massive hiccups building up from being so upset. A week. How could it have been a week if you were still crying like this? Why hadn’t you spent those days with him instead of looking for this stupid dress.
You glared down at the pretty black dress you wore and pulled at the hem angrily. You should have been with him instead. Maybe if you hadn’t been so wrapped up in your date you could have stopped it.
Hours….. that is how long you had waited for him that day.
That Day a Week Ago
You excitedly threw on your dress and laughed as your best friend helped you with your hair and makeup. Everyone thought today would be the day he proposed and they wanted it to be perfect. Your mother had let you get off early so you could get ready and your customers all shot you encouraging looks and told you they had to see the ring tomorrow.
Eagerly you waited at the table in front of your mother’s café. He said he would be there by 6pm and it was only 5:30 which meant you had to be patient. He was always on time so you didn’t worry much over the half an hour sit. Customers would stop and talk to you cheerily and give you premature congratulations on your engagement, to which you would only blush and laugh it off.
After talking to a few customers you noticed the sun start to sink behind the mountains. You looked down at your watch confused only to see it was already 6:30. “Where is he?” You asked softly to yourself. He hit traffic, I’m sure he will be here soon. You reassured yourself and smiled. There was no way he would forget about your date today.
Slowly the time had continued to move on and your patience started to waver. At 7:30 you decided that traffic was out of the question and decided to call him. You listened to the endless ringing on the other line your confusion growing.
8:00PM… you were beyond confused over what was going on. The cold had started to nip at your legs and arms and you decided you would wait a little longer before moving inside to the warmth of the café.
10:00PM….. A black car pulled up and you rushed out of the café happy that he had finally arrived. When the door open you smiled until you saw the face that got out. “N? What are you doing here?” You asked confused. The look on his face was one you couldn’t read and you felt your heart plummet at the bad feeling you had in your gut.
A black car pulled up and N got out with an umbrella. “You ready?” He asked you softly. You wiped your tears from your cheeks and nodded. He held the umbrella over you as he escorted you to the car.
When you had finally arrived at your location N helped you out of the car and handed you a picture frame covered in cloth. Pulling away the delicate fabric you felt your heart sink at the face that stared back at you. That face that you had grown used to seeing over the years, the one that had made you happier than any could have. You bit your lip to hold back your tears and started to make your way to the grave. Behind you his friends and family as well as yours followed behind.
You had to give yourself credit. The whole time everyone stood around paying their respects you held it together. It wasn’t until N and the last person left that you let yourself break down. A thud rang out as your knees hit the ground as you fell. Your small frame was racked in heart wrenching sobs as you held onto his picture as if it was your only life line. “Why?” You asked softly. “Why did you have to go there that day?” He had been on his way to pick up your ring to propose when a drunk driver had smashed into his car head on killing him almost instantly. You hated yourself more than you hated the drunk driver. If you hadn’t told him you wanted to get married, if you hadn’t insisted that you both go out for your anniversary he would still be here with you.
The ring on your finger sparkled. You didn’t know if you should treasure the precious gift or hate it. It meant nothing if he wasn’t here with you.
“Why….” You asked over and over. Strong arms pulled you up and you turned to let yourself cry loudly into Ken’s chest.
One minute….. That is all it had taken for your whole world to be taken away from you. One minute for one person to make a stupid mistake and the love of your life to be taken away from you.
Ken lead you away from the grave and you turned to make one final good bye before you were pulled towards the car. “I love you Leo.”
Sniffle Sniffle....... I know bad huh? Not sure why I write these things that make me cry myself. Seems like self torture.
What did you all think of it? Hopefully it didn't kill your day or anything.
Anyways! Hope you all enjoyed it and Thank you for reading. Let me know if you want to be added or removed from my tag list as always!
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