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I now have 2 Got7 albums. I tried to cancel the order that wouldn't seem to ship and ordered a different one...they denied my cancellation. Soooooo now I have 2. I'm giving one to my coworker.
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@RebeccaLondon where do you buy your album from?
I have one of each.color now...but I still managed to only get Bambam cards. I ONLY ever end up with Bambam.
@JaxomB maybe it is fate. @twistedPuppy I ordered from Amazon.
@RebeccaLondon.....but Bambam isn't the one of the ones I would want. He's too diva for my taste. It's funny, because there is one person in every group whose card I always get. For BTOB it's HyunSik. For SHINee it's Key.
@JaxomB I got JB in the blue and Yugyeom in the pink. I also got an extra JB card with the poster package. I was hoping I'd get a Jackson for my coworker but the ticket is from Jackson so she should be happy