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Well I Hope Your Week is Going Good. Fighting! :)

You watched the rain fall, heavy and insistent hitting the window pane forcefully, you were sitting on the couch, your hands going to your phone every few seconds to check if there was someone calling, if there was a new message, anything. Watching the rain away you cursed, thanks to the damn rain you couldn’t even get to the hospital, all your family was there waiting for the same answers as you, but you felt left out without knowing what was really happening.
The day had started quite normally, a saturday morning like any other, you ate pancakes and watched lame TV shows, Taehyung called saying he was going to visit you at night, everything was fine. But then a phone call made the normal saturday a catastrophe.
Your aunt called your mother saying your cousin had suffered a heart attack, they were on the hospital already, so your mother grabbed her things and headed there.
-You must stay here Y/N, I’ll let you know whatever happens-
You didn’t agree but your mother’s word was final, she left without you and then the rain came, violent, sudden, a downpour like any other and you were stuck inside your house.
The phone rang, the screen showing it was your mother. You picked it up with an exhalation, not barely sure if you were able to speak, so you didn’t and just listened to your mother’s words.
-She’s gone Y/N, the doctors did everything in their power but the attack was too strong- you stayed silent hearing your mother breathing, wondering if you could be as calm as she sounded. -I’ll stay here with your aunt, she needs my help… but I’m going to pick you up later, ok?- you couldn’t register what she said completely, the first two words still ringing on your mind. You cousin had passed away. -Y/N? Are you ok sweetie? Breath and try to calm a little, I’ll be there in a while, ok?-
You knew she wasn’t going to hang up until you said it was ok, so you did. -Ok- you muttered, but nothing felt alright.
After you repeated a few more “Oks” to your mom you hanged the phone, noticing the slight shiver on your hands. Your right hand went to your mouth, covering the gasp that you let out. It was impossible, your cousin was gone, it was illogic.
You noticed your body going weak so you went to sit down, still grasping the phone tightly like you were holding onto it. It was truly illogic, you couldn’t believe your cousin could be gone and wasn’t going to be there for you to hug or talk with her anymore.
When you thought of her you didn’t see a dying person, not even close, you imagined her smiling, laughing at the lame jokes you two shared. It was true that she had a heart condition since she was child, but she took good care of herself, always being cautious about everything related to her health and now she was gone.
Taehyung was in the middle of a meeting at Big Hit when he got your text. It was a short one, nothing like the cute ramblings you usually sent through the day, but not just the length of the message worried him but the content had him frowning.
Please come quickly, I need you here
He read it a couple of times, wondering what was the meaning of it, Namjoon scolded him with his eyes for staring at his phone while they were at a meeting but Taehyung couldn’t help it, it was so strange, so cryptic, not because you never told him you needed him, but there was something else Taehyung felt about the message, something wasn’t right.
Taehyung couldn’t focus anymore in what was being discussed, he was on the verge of his seat waiting for it to be done so he could head out to you. The members looked at him with worried faces and Namjoon tried to block him as he was grabbing his jacket to go out, but Taehyung managed to dodge him, telling him he had an emergency but praying in his head for him to be wrong.
You were staring at your wall, you had tried to make tea to ease down your nerves but you only got an almost burnt pot. So you gave up on that idea and just went to lie down on the couch, you still felt shocked, your brain not quite processing the news yet, it was just so sudden that you really couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t like she was sick, or like she was dying, she was just a young girl, who could imagine a young girl dying of a heart attack on a normal saturday morning? It was ridiculous. But apparently death wasn’t picky and now she was gone.
You heard the bell ringing but you didn’t to get up, your mother had keys and anyone else could go away, but the bell kept ringing and then so it was your phone.
-Taehyung- you said his name, remembering you had pleaded for his company.
Opening the door you saw him staring there, shoulders slightly wet by the rain, his breathing heavy like he had been running. His eyes roamed around your body and then he engulfed you in a hug, your shirt getting wet in the process, the rain had caught him more than you had thought.
-Jagiya I’m here- he said quietly, walking you inside your own house, like he could sense you weren’t fine so he took care of everything. He closed the door and took off his wet jacket and shoes.
Then he lead you to your couch where he helped you to sit down carefully, he was now sitting beside you, his hands running along your arms soothingly. -Y/N what’s the matter? I’m worried-
You took his hand, squeezing it tight. -She passed away- you told him lowly.
Taehyung bended his head and moved closer to you. -Who?- he asked trying to not sound nervous.
-My cousin, remember? We went to a picnic with her once-
Taehyung remembered her, he breathed in and shook his head. -God jagi, how?-
-It was a heart attack… nobody saw it coming- you were barely hearable, your voice getting lost on your laborious breathing.
Taehyung hugged you, placing your head on his chest. -I’m so sorry jagiya-
You held onto his shirt strongly, the tears that weren’t there before were now overflowing. -She’s gone- you sobbed, hard and raw, now the pain was more evident, your body traducing it into cries, your limbs shaking, but Taehyung’s arms embraced you whole, keeping you close to him, not letting you fall.
-I’m here Y/N, I know you loved her very much-
-I did- you cried, feeling exhausted but not able to stop the tears.
-It’s ok, let it out- he said caressing your back. -Just hold on to me, I’m here-
Your arms were now around him, feeling his proximity like a source of strength, you knew he was there for you and you knew he would hold you no matter what.
So you comforted yourself with his presence and his care for you, it all seemed so unrealistic, so you were grateful he was there to help you bare this moment, that you didn’t have to go through this alone. You cried your heart out and Taehyung was there to contain you, hugging you and whispering calming and loving words of support. He only left you alone to make you a cup of tea, he did manage to boil the water without burning anything.
You thanked him for the gesture, your body appreciating the warm beverage. Your phone beeped, so you placed the cup on the side table to get it.
-My mom sent something- you said eyeing your phone. -My mother tells me my aunt took a sleeping pill and is now asleep, her husband is taking care of everything so mom had to stay there to look out for my aunt-
-So is she coming to get you?-
You shook your head. -She’s staying there until my aunt is a bit calmer, she says it’s better if I meet them tomorrow, my cousin will be in preparations so it’s not like I can see her yet anyways-
Taehyung nodded, grabbing your hands to give you a squeeze of support. -Then I’m staying-
You looked at him in the eye, you knew you had to say no, he had work, Taehyung was a busy person but as much as you were aware of that you also knew you weren’t able to refuse him, not now.
-Thank you Tae, really, I don’t know what I would do-
Taehyung pulled you closer to him, his head rested on top of yours and his hands pressed you tighter against him, making you feel loved and protected. -I’ll always be here for you-

Credits: Bangtan-Spells

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Awee TaeTae so cute!!❤💞
Thats was sad. but having a supportive person like him... yeah thats nice :)
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