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semi smut (only some scene i'll warn)
this story is fantasy based and action i hope you guys like it. ive been wanting to make one like this hehe. This story is for my sista! @Stephany123 she wanted me to make her one of her bias (^.^)
Your blood rushed your mind ran in circles as your body heated up your whole body began to ache you felt cold almost like you were dying. “Make it stop” you plead,
“It’s happening…”
“Look at her suffer ha-ha”
“it’s working”
“should we help her?”
four male voices talked but the room was to dark to see them you tried to move your hands but you couldn’t because they were handcuffed to the bed bars
“AUGH! PLEASE IT HURTS!” you shouted in agonizing pain as you gripped onto the chains of your handcuffs.
“It’s okay... You’ll feel better afterwards,” a deep smoothing voice, whisper into your ear.
You felt like your bones were breaking and your heart slowly stop beating
“Please...” you said with your last breath of air.
you slowly open your eyes, everything still a bit hazy. the pain had finally stop but you body felt kind of numb and tired so you shut your eyes again.
“hey wake up” a boy light brown hair and cute smiling eyes said as he squat down and shook you gently.
“Where am I?” you said as you slowly tried to stand up.
“A basement” another unfamiliar voice said from behind you.
He had faded red hair and leather black pants with a blank tank top and a red leather jacket his eyes where cold and black.
“GD come on don’t be mean, here let me help you up” said a caramel skin tone boy with brides and a snapback on. He handed you his hand as he offered to help you up, you were somewhat scared to accept his offer.
“Maybe she doesn’t speak Korean?” said a white hair boy with dark circles under his eyes and look kind of, like he hasn’t been sleeping.
“Really seungri... she just ask where she was in Korean dork” the cute eyes boy said gently smacking the one called seungri on the back of the head.
“Leave her alone” a tall dark hair and deep dark eyes and wide shoulders scary looking guy walked in.
“You! You’re the guys from the bar last night!” you said angrily. He smiled at you as he grabs you by your forearm and stood you up.
“You can call me t.o.p,” he said smoothly
“You can let me the fuck go” you yanked away your arm.
“Talk about rude, YAH! If it wasn’t for him you’d be dead,” The red head boy called GD said angrily
“GD shh!” the caramel boy hushed him
“No she has the right to know that way she can be grateful and more respectful,” GD, sassed
“He right taeyang, she does,” said T.o.P
“Daesung get me the wrapping bandage her blood hasn’t stop,” T.o.P said to the light brown hair boy name Daesung. Daesung listened and ran upstairs to fetch the first aid kit.
“I want to know what you did to me and as to why am I here?” you said looking at T.O.P
“You where dying, you had some type of sickness that was killing you.” He explain
“And what’s it to you if I die!” you stomp your foot angrily
“We’ve had to protect you…” seungri said quietly. you mouthed the word protect as you looked a bit confused.
"shut up seungri" GD shouted.
“I’ve seen you at the bar a lot I’ve become attached to you you’re my other half” T.O.P said as he grab a hold of your hand and gently caressed. You pulled it away and chuckled
“Is this some type of joke!” you said as you rubbed the side of your neck, which for some strange reason ached really bad, you felt two deep hollow holes and something stinky. You looked at your hand that had blood on it.
“What the hell did you do to me!” you panicked. T.o.p walked close to you as you back away you where scared. What is he? Who is he? What does he want? Is he going to kill you?
“Don’t be scared I don’t want to hurt you,” he said as he reached out to you.
You slap his hand away and continued backing up until you bump into someone, you turn around and realized it was GD, he shove you off him causing to fall to the ground. TOP grab you and help you up then caressed the side of your face with the back of his hand. They felt cold, very cold. You placed your hand on your chest you realized you couldn’t feel your heart beat anymore. You panic again and touched the hole on your neck then look at your hand again they were pale. You ran to the mirror that was there. your skin look pale and lifeless your lips a dark shade of red and your hair a dark color your eyes became light and your skin felt cold so cold like the ice from the arctic ocean.
“AM I DEAD?” you cried out!
“Yes” GD responds
“WHAT?” you cried again
“NO you’re not dead (Y/N) your one of us now” TOP said wrapping his arm around you comforting you.
“What are you?” you asked pushing him away gently.
“Am I those so called monster that suck the life out of human, those beast that supposedly sleep with woman and suck their blood… I’m a vampire” TOP as he looked you in the eyes.
You couldn’t believe his words a vampire those make believe bat human things that sleep in coffin and drink human blood. those cold skin and pale white skin tone creature that have no heart or soul...
“A vampire? Your joking right this must be some kind of prank” you chuckled as you look around.
TOP grab your arm, pulled you in, and stared into your eyes. “You’re a vampire your one of us we're not evil”
“some of us are” GD cuts T.O.P off
“believe me when I say that you’re my other half, you’re the piece that was missing and now that I had finally found you I will never let you go again” T.O.P kissed your cold lips but for some reason it felt amazing and soothing
later that evening you went upstairs TOP that explain to you what had happen how you had some type of sickness that was slowly killing you and how he had to suck it of your body before it could spread all over your body. it took you a while to accept the fact the your a vampire and the fact that you belong to someone you trust TOP word for some weird reason, you just felt like he wouldn't lie to you about something like this.
“a vampire?” you said to yourself as you went upstairs to your new bed room, you weren’t sure as to what going to happen now you weren’t worried about your life before becoming a vampire because you didn’t really have a life and nobody ever notice you
“UGH!” you grunt as you flop down onto your bed.
You touch your lips they still had that tingling feeling on them from when TOP kissed you.
“From now on you belong to me and I’ll protect you and always stay beside you”
You remember those word t.o.p had said to you before telling you to go and rest. The rest of your life you will be long to him, you were not sure if you were scared or excited, maybe both. You squealed. Suddenly your room door swung open. It was GD he walk up to you and grab you by your shirt pulling you in close to him. You gulped. GD looks into your eyes then at your lips.
“If only I had meet you first” he said sadly and losing his grip on you.
“What?” you asked
“no you can’t be her, she dead she died so long ago… your just a look alike your nothing like her” he release you and toss you as he walk away but stop by the door way
“Don’t get comfortable your type never survived in our world, you half breed” GD said as he closed the door behind him.
you wonder as to Why is he so mean to you? What is he talking about? Half breed. These questions ran around your mind. For a moment, he looks so gently and sad, who was the girl and why did he look devastated talking about her. Was she his soul mate? You sat back down onto your bed.
“Why does he hate me so much?” you said to yourself as you covered your eyes with your arm
“Because you look like the girl he once loved,” seungri said. You sat up startled.
“Oh my… gosh don’t you people- uh never mind don’t you know how to knock!” you shouted throwing your pill at him.
“Yeah sorry here” Seungri walks back out then knocks.
You arched your eyebrow, walking towards the door, and opening it.
“Hi can I come in?” seungri asked you, you smiled.
“There we go I finally got to see a smile on your beautiful face” seungri patted your head.
“How are you feeling?” seungri asked you patting the empty spot next to him on the bed.
You sat down an inched away from him.
“Don’t worry I’m the nicest one of them all” seungri advice you.
“Will I ever get to go home?” you said sadly looking down.
“You are home now...” seungri comfort you
“You lived alone before right?” seungri asked you
And he was right, you did live alone, both of your parents are dead you have no idea as to what your brother is doing and where he is. All you know is that he left home before you had turn 5. your older sister had left when your parents had died, you where force to quiet middle school and start working you had no friends you spent most your life alone to be honest. Your tears became water as you remember the good time when your parents were alive and your home was once a place to call home. When you had friends and you didn’t feel so alone. Seungri wrap his arm around you and embrace you.
“It’s okay, I didn’t have parents either. I was an orphan I lived in the streets my whole life until one day I met GD. he took me in and raised me I didn’t know what he was for a long time until one night I was shot at on my way home, he cried and beg me to stay awake. To be honest I wasn’t afraid to die... knowing I had someone crying for me made me feel loved.” Seungri grins his smile was a bit sad.
“So he turn you into one?” you asked
“Mhmm he took a hold of me and he lean in and bit into my neck it hurt like hell when he did. I never expected him to be a vampire just a really good looking guy who never seem to age.” He chuckled
“Were you scared of him?” you asked again.
“Oh yeah terrified and it hurt him to. I called him a monster and told him to never come near me again.”
“What made you come back?”
“He told him his story” seungri smiled at you and ruffled your hair.
“Alright get some rest now okay you need it we might be immortal but we still need sleep” seungri advice you as he slowly shut the door.
You got under you covers and lied in bed for hours you couldn’t stop thinking of seungri story. You wonder about TOP background story too… you tossed and turn but you couldn’t seem to get him out of your mind. You wanted to talk to him and ask him about his past. You got out of bed and opened your room door, slowly as you tippy toed to TOP room. You knock quietly no answer. You turn the doorknob, sticking your head in.
“You can come in” TOP said suddenly, you jumped.
“Um sorry to bug you it just um I wanted to ask you something,” you said really fast nervously. He chuckled and walked towards you pinning you up against the door.
“Anything you want to know I’ll be glad to tell you” he informed you. You nodded your head
“Um you see I want to um...” you paused as he caressed your neck with his finger.
“Go on”
“I want to um”
“To um to know um”
“Mhmm” you couldn’t look away from his eyes and the way he licked his lips your body felt tingly as he traced your body curves with his hands. TOP leans and close to your neck and whispers
“Can we become one tonight (Y/N)?”
you looked into TOP eyes you could have swear they were black before but now their a light blue... wait a minute that right that night at the bar... they changed color when he talked to you that when you felt your body become numb the moment your eyes met his...
"your eyes..."
"shh... everything going to be okay (Y/N) just relax..."
those words again just like last time. TOP grab you and tossed you on to his bed pinning you down your tried to resist but your body felt paralyzed again. he bagan to kiss your neck sliding his hand up your shirt. he kissed your lips gently as he looked into your eyes and you liked the it felt the way he took control.
"tonight i'm making you mine"
Thank you All for your support.
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a fantasy worth fantasizing about.
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