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Okay so first off, sorry for being so inactive....lots of events are going on in my life...both good and bad. Right now, it's mostly bad. I was recently in a car accident, my car is not repairable. Anyways some days after the accident, it turns out I was at fault, although, the bitch who had hit me wasn't paying attention, it's too much to write, but long story short, I am the one that's found at be exact, 80 percent. During the accident I gave the officer my 3 things that you are suppose to give, licence, registration, and proof of insurance. So I recently got a ticket in the mail.....two things were checked off...careless driving...which is BS.....and not showing proof of insurance...even though I know I wasn't at fault for the accident...that is too stressful for me to deal with right now...considering other things I'm going I will pay the fine for that just because I don't want to go on forever fighting about what happened...but it really pisses me off that the cop put that I didn't show proof of insurance...I know...and he knows I showed him proof....I'm trying to remember that there is some good cops out there...but putting an innocent man like me in trouble probably trying to get brownie points?...fuck him...shit like this turns good people makes people like me want to go bad and hate the justice system...we the people are suppose to always feel safe and protected by the system....not the opposite..i was also searched by cops some years ago because there was a description of a teenager with a knife that was in a fight...during that time...there were thousands of teenagers in town...and they search me?..then even the chief of police took their side saying they're just doing their job....which they obviously don't know how to....I barely sleep at night..I probably get am average of 3 to 4 hours a night of sleep...I eat one small meal a day because everything going on...I was recently trying to not commit suicide...I have taken alot of abuse by a lot of people, I have been taken advantage of...I see cops break rules every fucking day....I who have no criminal record and have never driven illegally in any shape or form, have to go to court mostly because I supposedly didn't show proof of there any positive side to any of this?!
yeah all I can say is pretty much the same thing as @pirateking47 @SilverFangZ and I know what you mean I don't like cops either but there is so much to live for even if it doesn't look like it right now
@SilverFangZ All American Rejects Move along listen to it
trust me....Anything positive is what I need most right now....I can truly see myself falling into darkness completely real soon
Wow dude I am really sorry about what you're going through. It sounds really rough. Things will eventually iron out. Stick it out, I know you can.
It sucks that you're going through such a hard time right now <3 What matters is that you take care of you which you're doing. Good times will come and you deserve to enjoy them. All the bs and injustice in the world can't change that
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