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Won-woo pulled a small notebook out of his pocket, clearing his throat he began, "At the beginning of her and her friend's conversation they talked too low for me to hear but after a few exchanges her friend laughed really loud and then said "Oh sweetheart, you didn't know this but you can do no wrong in Jae-won's eyes. He practically worships the ground you walk on." the woman in question blushed and was doing something on her phone when her friend got mad about two other female customers staring at them. I recognized one of them as Baek Soo-jin of Kang and Baek Law firm." Myun-kei stopped him here with a hand motion. Soo-jin, that bitch his father had tried pawning him off to now knew where Min-ah was too. He had played pretty dirty to get out of that stupid law binding contract. His father had made an engagement contract with Baek Young-jin only months after Soo-jin had been born. He had been 1 year old. He had grown up knowing about having to marry Soo-jin one day and all of that was fine until the day he had met Min-ah. It all changed that day. He fell for her the moment he laid eyes on her. There had been something special about her, the way she laughed by throwing her head back, the sparkle in her unusually blue eyes or her charming smile. He had been a goner. He had been dating her for three months when his father started pushing the engagement onto him. She had no idea who he was since his father had kept his name away from connection to his or the company. The day he had been forced to give Soo-jin his mother's ring Min-ah had called him out of the blue and broke up with him saying she found someone else. He had breathed a sigh of relief because he had been afraid his father had gotten to her but before the call disconnected he had heard a sound that resembled a sob. He had non suspiciously cut the meeting with Soo-jin short and had gone to check on her. He had gone with the thought that maybe his father had forced her to break it off. However when he got to her house he saw her in her landlord's garden. She was laughing and goofing off with a pretty boy looking man. He had no right to be upset but he had been. He had been in such a bad mood that he had gotten his friend to have a friend of his seduce Soo-jin. This broke the contract as she had willingly slept with the guy. His heart ached at the memory of her laughing for someone else. He motioned for the boy to continue. Won-woo cleared his throat again and did as asked, "The friend whom I later found out to be Park Tae-lin said "If those bitches look over here one more time I will give them a reason to be looking." Min-ah just looked at Soo-jin and her friend then just said, "Unnie, calm down they probably think your out fit is amazing. Because you know it is. Anyways, Oppa is meeting me later so I will talk to him about he and I." Min-ah and Tae-lin exchanged some smiles and hand touches before Tae-lin asked Min-ah, "So when can I expect a new addition to the Park family?" to which Min-ah replied, "If all things go smoothly then perhaps in less than 8 months." She blushed as Tae-lin's mouth dropped. Tae-lin asked, "8 months? Seriously? Only that amount of time left? I have some  planning to do with you. What colors are you thinking?". The girls then left the cafe." Won-woo finished his report and then added, "Sir." Myun-kei was trying to process the conversation. Min-ah was pregnant with that pretty boy's child. It didn't change anything. She was his, always had been. Nothing would change that, not even having to raise another man's child. Myun-kei looked at the teenager and smiled. This employee's son had done more than enough for him. He dismissed the boy and called in the father. When Kim Hyun-woo entered he motioned for the older man to sit. Clearing his throat Myun-kei began, "In light of what your boy brought me I am rewarding you what I promised. I am giving you a promotion to Head Chief Executive effective immediately. I only ask one thing." Hyun-woo nodded as he asked, "And what is that sir?" "Your boy is to keep an eye on Min-ah for me. She will be my wife. Have him get close to her or whatever but I want weekly reports from him understood?" Myun-kei ordered. "Yes sir.  I will have him do that. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Hyun-woo asked. He had been waiting a long time to jump at a chance to be the CEO's dog. He knew the last CEO's dog's children now lived a life of luxury. He wanted that for his two sons and daughter. Myun-kei shook his head, "No that is all for today. Please take the next two days to get situated into your new office. Give your sons and daughter an allowance raise." Hyun-woo stared at his boss in shock. "How did you?" He began to ask but Myun-kei stopped him with a hand motion. Smiling Myun-kei said, "In taking over my father's position I vowed to take his job at a more serious humanitarian level. A boss should know all about his employees and their families. Where my father failed was this. He did not know you hard working underdogs and therefore could not progress further. A team makes progress not just the boss and his executives. That will be all for today. You may leave. Have a safe trip." With those words of comfort, Hyun-woo bowed respect to his new boss and left. Sitting back with a grin Myun-kei talked to a picture of Min-ah on his desk. "You didn't really move away. You just took on a different apartment by the same landlord. I should have known, you sentimental girl. Boy you were sly. But I found you now. And I will be coming for you when the time is right."
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