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[Highlights] Kobe's Final Game

Mamba Out.

I can't believe that was Kobe's last NBA game. We all have different athletes that we look up to when we are kids and for my generation, it was Kobe Bryant. Every time we take a somewhat awkward fade-away shot, even it wasn't going in...we would yell the word, "KOBE!".
But now it's all over. Twenty years in the NBA, five championships, 18 times All-Star, 2-times Finals MVP...that all came down to tonight's game against the Utah Jazz and Kobe exited the game in the most Kobe way possible.

Sixty points...and the lead the Lakers to one more victory.

If you guys missed the game, please take a moment to watch the video above of Kobe's last NBA game. Thank you Kobe for everything.
"Mamba out!" - Kobe "GOAT" Bryant
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What a way to end one's career!
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just awesome wow
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