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I already love Izaya. I mean what's not to love. I would love to see his character as a woman. I think it would make him more interesting. Shizuo would also be an interesting gender bender. But considering I am one of the people who ship the two, I think it would be interesting if one or the other were the opposite gender.
ooh good one there @NinjaMouse! I didn't even think about those too in this light. I love/hate Izaya with a passion. Dude is insane but a flipping genius. I bet if he was a woman I'd probably love her to be honest lol. and Shizuo too, I love that guy and his character as a woman would be great! and having them be opposite genders and have like some romantic feelings in their rivalry would add a cool dynamic. way to go girl I like the way you think!
shizuo is really pretty as a girl but I love them both
woah! I love shizuo! this is pretty cool! I never even though about this! might do this.