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Not really a waifu and it was really hard to not default to Itachi but for my non-human husband I would have to pick Zelman Clock from Black Blood Brothers
I don't know why, but thinking through this whole card, I kept gravitating towards vampires, like Kaname from Vampire Knight, Solomon from Blood+, etc and while they are all I went with Zelman
Zelman is a bit of a sociopath as I'm sure any 800 year old vampire with complete dominion over fire would be :)
but in actuality I think he just wants to do his own thing cuz he certainly doesn't play by anyone's rules
frankly he has that bad boy vibe that I'm going gaga over
he's definitely a Netflix and chill kinda guy and I'm sure being a vamp has made him a bit of a loner like me (just the loner part or is it both jk) @InVinsybll
@SAMURXAI it's only 12 eps but definitely worth it :)
I haven't seen Black Blood Brothers but it looks cool, dude looks like a bad ass and he's handsome for sure