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You can never go wrong with a pair of denim – whether it be white, black, navy or olive. It's my year round staple. Among all the color my favorite pair for Spring is white denim.
I know there's a rule about not wearing white until Memorial Day? So I dug in a little deeper and found an article that explained why. According to the article it was a mix of social class issues, coal soot and the weather.
Anyways, it's 21st century and fashion rule is meant to be challenged. So, go on out and wear your white jeans now. Below are six of my favorite ways to wear them.

1. Wear them with an off shoulder top.

Chambray and linen is my hot weather staple. You can pretty much feel the breeze because the fabric is light and thin.

2. Wear them with nautical stripes.

This combo has been my favorite weekend style and airport fashion choice. Throw on a pair of birkenstock to complete the look.

3. Wear them with pastels.

Blush color is currently very popular. I guess that's given considering the pantone color of the year is rose quartz!

4. Wear them cuffed.

That's the best way to pull off boyfriend jeans.

5. Wear it with a low-high top.

I think that's pretty classy.

6. Last but not least, white on white.

The good old classic!