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I was surfing fb when I saw this post tag hit me right in the feels and I just had to share it. Sorry for the click bait title but ARMYs have to see this ...
This person speaks absolute truth. I know because I'll admit that sometimes I only watch videos for the maknaes and I'm disgusted and disappointed in myself for doing it... I never want BTS to break-up or cause one of the members to leave because they all are apart of bangtan, without them it just wouldn't be the same ㅠㅠㅠㅠ. I hope this sheds some light on people's choices ... CREDIT TO THE OWNERS Hope you guys don't mind but I thought I'd tag you since you seem like BTS lovers @yougotnojamz @kpopandkimchi @sarahdarwish
honest I have always feel like I have to share my love equally to all member even in got7 damn Jackson get on my nervous but he gotta love him too even when I use a wall paper for my phone I have to have the group because then I feel bad for only using my bias at times I support each member and love them all because it wouldn't be the same with out LIKE HOW RAP MONSTER WAS HOSPITALIZED AND NOBODY REALLY POST SAYING I HOPE YOU GET BETTER TO BE HONEST NO DID but when it was V and I forgot who else the was constant I hope they get better each member deserve support shot Without Jhope their will be no hope without suga there be no swag without Jin there be aeygo without Jung kook there be no Dorkiness without V there be no fun without Jimin there be no groove without rap monster there be no jam they all have a propose in group and we need to respect that and love them all
I really do wish all Armys could support the members equally. I don't know how people just watch somethings from only a few of the members, I feel wrong if I do that. It's like I'm cheating or betraying BTS if I don't watch EVERYTHING from ALL the members. But I know a lot of Armys are very young and see no harm in asking for their favorite members when another is on but it could hurt the member that is present. Making him feel like you don't care for him. 😣😢Please just give love to all members if you truly love BTS!😙
@tinathellama Hyung line appreciation squad! EAT JIN WAS MY LIFE GUYS
I wanted to cry I never knew it was like that how other armies give little appreciation to the hyung line like seriously the hyung line is entertaining as heck like they don't deserve the little appreciate they are getting like seriously and I don't wanna see bts break up ever they bring me so much joy every single member like COME ARMIES LET'S SHOW LOVE TO EVERY MEMBER! THEY ALL ARE AWESOME LIKE SERIOUSLY ! I watch and love all the members equally tbh well.kookie a little more bc he's the UB but still I watch everyone of them on V and youtube and it's awesome and I'm happy to see them all and to hear there won't be no eat jin 2 idek that till now and I'm sad even more like I enjoyed seeing jin eat TBH LIKE OMF HE'S SO CUTE AND JUST YESH and watching hobi dance is just yas hobi omf YASSS like how hard is it to give them all the same appreciation they are all awesome and tbh I would break down if bts ever disbanded bc of our fault let's just give each member love the love they deserve the love they give us let's give it to them back they deserve it on how much they work for us
Omgeee i dont get it hobi is loved purely loved i dont think he is ever ignored he is a precious flower nd what Does that have to do with the disbandment i am sorry i dont get the point of this ?!!!
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