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This week for Throwback Thursday Hairstyle we'll look into the 40s crown braid aka milkmaid braid. Due to the outbreak of WWII, women had work outside of their home and took on the role traditionally done by men. Due to this women were warned about having long hair. Government officials used the media and the celebrity to influence woman to wear their hair up. Rising star such as Veronica Lake (pictured above) was asked to cut her long longs locks.
For woman that do not wish cut their long hair put it in an updo. One of the most popular way of doing so was braiding and clipping it up. This technique was used by milkmaids in past centuries but was made trendy again.

How are people wearing it now?

The style shift from being extremely utilitarian to romantic. Notice the loose hair hanging by the forehead?
In recent years, this has become a favorite for brides.
Pop culture artist are embracing this hairstyle.
People are also adding a bohemian touch to the standard braid.
Learn how to milkmaid braid by Kokay.
The finish product should look like this.
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