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These days, manis and pedis have become another place for any women to be creative without limitations (obviously the limited space from our little tiny nails). Don't get me wrong, I'm always about the bright red hues to make an outfit complete, but sometimes girls need place to play. I found this amazing tutorial where you can pain your nails (of course unless you are 100% absolutely sure you can't do it on your own haha :-)) with three different tones! Source:
thank youuuuu! this looks like a really nice way to get away from ol' borin one tone maniiiiiiii :D
LOL i def can't do it for myselfff i wish i couldddd i seriously SUCK at craftin and stuff
@kristenadams hahahahahah same here i'm not crafty at all, i'm actually going to get y nails done todayyyyyyyyyyyyy from your card!!!!!!