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So for lunch today our boss took us to go try out grilled eel. This place is hidden in an alleyway that turns into a dead-end but it was pretty damn good (I'm not the biggest fan of eel). The place has been open for 70 years supposedly and my boss has been a regular for 10 years. As you walk up the steps, you see a bunch of B/W photos that shows that this place really is as old as it advertises. I never knew that eel was so expensive. The plate you see in the first picture is 1kg and costs 150,000 Won while 600g costs 100,000 Won. They have three different marinades. The top left is soy sauce, the top right is red bean paste, and the bottom is just salted. They even give you the bones as an appetizer. I found myself addicted to the crunchy sticks by the end of the meal. Anyways this was definitely something I've never seen in America so check it out! It's definitely an older crowd of Korean ajushis and ahjummas, so they must be doing something right. Oh and the 70 years thing. If you're going I would definitely take a taxi and tell them to put in the address. I've also put the place on four-square if you use the app. It is nearby Hotel Riviera and Ellui. Address: 강변집 민물장어전문 - (Gang-byun-jeeb Meen-mool-jang-uh-jun-moon) 서울시 강남구 청담동 130-22호 (Cheongdam-dong) Tel: 02-542-7930
i like eel but its expensive...
Hi, leach. I hv been staying in Philippine over 1 year. But I hv never seen food from eel.
It seems to be very expensive. One kg may be reduced to 6-700 g after head and organs have been removed. So I just wonder how many person one kg is good for.
yes @johnlee and its very cheap here from what country you are
@leach Do people eat grilled eel in the phillipines too? I've never been there before :(
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