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The New Silver Hair Combo!
Ready for the best of both worlds? Silver and pastel is the latest hair coloring combo young people are opting. The result is quite stunning. I'm forecasting this trend will be seen at Coachella this weekend. So, keep an eye out! In the meantime, shall we take a look these edgy-gals for inspiration?

Face-Framing Streaks

Purple Tint

Rose Gold Sombre

Mermaid Ombre

Random Patch of Purple

Cotton Candy Streaks

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love these! I'm a sucker for pastel/ rainbow hair. 馃槏
a year agoReply
Love them! Cotton candy streaks looks good too
a year agoReply
The styles were pretty esp. the 1st one
a year agoReply
@marshalledgar @JamiMilsap @ErinSchull @keribvby @EasternShell Glad you guys found something you like. @tessstevens you gotta post up a pic of your high contrast ombre!
a year agoReply
Old people are like, Finally!
a year agoReply