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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Yoongi Length: 2824 words Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing. Part: 3/? Y/n’s POV As soon as Yoongi fell, I got up to see who had the nerve to do that. To stick up for me, like that. I mean, the boys weren’t scared of him, but they knew better than to pick a fight with him too. “J-jungkook”, I gasped at the boy who was stood at the door. I had never seen him so angry, even when I had argued with him about who the best looking boy was out of the group. I had said Taehyung, because I was newly acquainted with them, and only knew Taehyung, wheres Jungkook had obviously argues it was him. When I disagreed, he had got hilariously angry over it. But this moment was anything but funny. “What the fuck”, Yoongi growled, aggressively getting to his feet. I whirled around to find Yoongi reaching out for me, but Jungkook got there first. I heard a small cough from outside. I couldn’t see from this angle, but I guessed that the other boys were stood right outside the door. I didn’t know if the girls were there too, but I knew how big their mouths were, so I was praying they weren’t. Jungkook caught my arm and pulled me behind him. “Hyung. Don’t touch her. You two are over. You have no right.” Jungkook’s voice sounded calm, but I could tell how tense he was from his posture. “Jungkook”, I whispered. “I could have handled it.” “Oh yeah y/n, you were handling it really well”, he retorted sarcastically. “Do you think we’re deaf? We heard everything.” My mouth hung open. This was definitely a different side to Kookie. He was a couple of months older than me, but I always saw him as younger, because of his shy, reserved nature. “Get out of the fucking way Jungkook”, Yoongi rasped. His lower lip had split open from the blow, and there was a thin trail of blood slowly moving down his chin. Yoongi stepped forward. Jungkook stepped back, pushing me back. “Did you fuckers plan this or something?” He was directing that question at me. “No”, Jungkook answered for me. “She didn’t know. And I wasn’t going to barge in until I heard her shout.” This was killing me. Me and Yoongi were over, he must have gathered by now, but I didn’t want to ruin their friendship. They lived together too, so I needed to leave with them on decent terms. “Guys, stop this.” I turned around to see if the guys were actually there, Sure enough, they were all standing of the landing, with worried expressions. Well, I say all, Jin and Taehyung weren’t there. As I was thinking this, a red-faced Jin, made an appearance. Speak of the devil. But…what the hell’s up with him? He looks…embarrassed. I would ask him later. Right now, I had to deal with an angry Jungkook, and an even angrier Yoongi. I walked out from behind Jungkook tentatively, to stand in between him and Yoongi. “Yoongi”, I spoke softly. He was the perfect boy in every way. But he had cheated on me. And I couldn’t stay with him knowing he was seeing someone else behind my back. “You were seeing someone else. You clearly prefer her over me, or you wouldn’t have cheated.” I didn’t sound angry. I wasn’t even crying- I was past that, after crying pretty much all day. I just sounded hurt. “We’re over”, my voice broke at the last bit, but I still kept it together, “No. No no no”, Yoongi stepped forward. I was half expecting Jungkook to pull me away again, but he didn’t. Yoongi cupped my face in his warm hands, and pulled my face upwards so I was looking at him. A tear rolled down his face, and that made me tear up too. He wiped at my tears with his thumbs. Yoongi, you were perfect for me. Why wasn’t I perfect for you? Why did you have to cheat? I wanted to ask him, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to know the answer right now, especially with the boys there. “I love you y/n. Don’t…don’t end this. Don’t end us.” He was whispering, but I was sure the boys could hear everything. “What’s happening up here?”, Taehyung’s loud voice broke the silence. Yoongi’s attention on me faltered, and I took the opportunity to pull away from his grasp. The longer I stayed, the more it would hurt. “Nothing”, Namjoon replied from outside the room. The tone of annoyance in his voice was clear enough for Taehyung to not question further. Jungkook had left the room, and was standing with the boys on the landing. He pleaded with me not to go. But I still walked away. Didn’t even turn back. The boys shuffled about to make a clearing for me to get through. I didn’t look at any of them, or say anything. I didn’t want any sympathy. I just wanted out. I’m doing Yoongi a favour, I thought, as I trudged down the stairs, slowly. I felt dizzy and the tears clouding my vision weren’t helping either. Now he can see Suzy without worrying about me. The sofa’s were empty. The girls must have gone home. I kknew the boys didn’t know what to do, as they were furiously whispering to each other. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. To my surprise, it was Jin who came running after me once I had opened the door to leave. “Y/n? I know you’re not feeling well. I’ll walk you home.” As grateful as I was for the gesture, I was a bit shocked that it wasn’t Taehyung who came. But then again, he had been acting weird with me ever since Krystal came into the picture. “Thanks Jin”, I sniffed, “But I don’t want to trouble you. Exams are next week, you should study.” “Don’t be silly”, he replied warmly. It’s Jin. He’ll have revised ages ago. After a couple of minutes of silence, he asked. “Y/n, what you did was brave you know. Most people would act like they didn’t even know their partner was cheating. That took real guts.” I gave him a teary smile, but said nothing. He hesitated before continuing. “Hey…er, can I tell you something?” “Of course”, I frowned. “Go for it.” He cleared his throat. “After you left us all downstairs, I went into the kitchen to get food”, he started. I stared at the ground in front while walking, carefully listening to his words. “And when I came back, Joon, Hobi and Jimin were gone too…” “Right…”, I prompted him to continue. “And Suzy was on her phone…”. I looked up at him now, frowning. What is he getting at? “And KrytalandTaehyungwerekissing.” He blurted the last bit out so fast, it took me a couple of seconds to process what he’d said. And once I understood, I paled. “W-what? Are they back together?”, I breathed. As if the day couldn’t get any worse. “I don’t know”, Jin admitted. “But when they were, you know how much of a bitch she was when you hung out with him.” Despite my mood, I gave a small smile. Jin rarely ever bad-mouthed anyone, which just goes to show how much of a bitch she actually was. “Thanks for letting me know Jin. I’ll keep quiet about it.” He nudged me playfully. “That goes without saying.” I knew Tae had probably made Jin promise he wouldn’t tell me. I wasn’t jealous of him and Krystal, but I knew how much of a toxic human being she actually was. She had broke Tae, and now she was going back to him, for whatever reason. Which meant I couldn’t talk to him. While they were together, one time me, Tae and Jungkook had met at the park, and the psycho bitch had taken photos of us, cropped Jungkook out, and out them on social media to tell the world I had taken her man. I remember how hurt I felt when Taehyung just apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again, rather than make her apologise for what she did. But I had still found it in my heart to forgive him. And now he was going back to her? “Jin…are Yoongi and Jungkook going to be OK?” He was silent for a moment, before replying. “I’m sure they will be. You remember that first argument you and Yoongi had? Something about he didn’t like the dress you had worn when you and Hoseok went shopping…” I nodded. It was the first time I had seen his true anger. “Well, then you’ll remember how he almost hit you.” I nodded again. “Well, after you left that day, him and Jungkook got into their first ever fight. Jungkook was pissed at the way Yoongi had treated you. It was the first time I saw him get physical.” I gaped at him. Jungkook had stood up for me behind my back? “It took all of us to calm them down.” “Oh my god”, I whispered. “So today wasn’t the first time they’ve fought like that?” Jin shook his head. “ Why didn’t anyone tell me what was going on?” “Y/n, despite everything, you seemed so happy with Yoongi. We all knew you needed him. That’s the main reason we didn’t tell you about Suzy either.” We had reached the apartment, and my head was reeling. “Come in?” I offered. I needed alone time, but he had walked me home, so it didn’t seem right to just say bye. Thankfully, it was like he knew what I wanted. “No I can’t. I’ll make sure the boys are OK, then clean up the flat.” I gave a him a wave and as he turned around, I remembered something. “Oh Jin?” He turned, eyebrows raised. “Have fun today.” He rolled his eyes, understanding immediately. “Y/n. Do you really think after everything that happened, we’re really going?” I rolled my eyes back. “The hell you are! Too much money was spent on them for you no to!” “We’ll give them all to Yoongi. He probably has other friends on his course he can invite.” I knew Jin wasn’t angry at Yoongi, he was angry at the situation. And probably at Suzy, but mostly the situation. I also knew he would feel wrong going if I wasn’t. So I waved him off and went in, sighing to myself. All the boys except Taehyung and obviously Jin, had texted. I had 6 missed calls from Yoongi. I wasn’t in the mood to reply to any of them, so left it. Once I got in, I stopped dead in my tracks. Suzy’s belongings were scarce, to say the least. Her posters, pictures, ornaments, were all gone. I was so glad that she’d moved out. Maybe she knew that I had found out, and thought it was too awkward to stay. But then again, Suzy wasn’t one to get bashful or embarrassed. I flopped down on the sofa, not knowing what to do with myself. Today had exhausted me and it wasn’t even midday yet. I waited like that, just watching the clock for twenty minutes or so, before snapping out of my depressed trance. All I could think about was me and Yoongi, and where I went wrong. It must have been my fault. Not his. It was never his fault. “Jungkook and me are supposed to be studying…”, I muttered to myself. Great, y/n. Now you’re talking to yourself. That’s the first sign of madness. I decided I would ring him up. But I wasn’t going back to the boys place, so I would call him here. Plus, it’s get him away from Yoongi for a bit. I exhaled slowly as I remembered what Jin told me about their previous fights. I waited impatiently for him to answer, drumming my fingers on the arm of the sofa. It was almost about to go off when he answered. “Yo.” I frowned at the voice. “Jimin? Where’s Jungkook?” “He left his voice in his room. I heard it ring so I answered. I’ll get him.” I heard Jimin’s footsteps as he bound down the stairs. “You good?” He asked me, as he searched for Jungkook. “I’m…I’ll be OK”, I replied. “Hey, if he’s not there, it doesn’t matt-” “Found him!”, Jimin cut me off. I heard him ask Jungkook. “Why are you in the kitchen?” Jungkook’s faint voice replied with “Just talking to Jin. Who is it?” Jimin whispered my name, probably not wanting Yoongi to hear. Jungkook must have taken the phone off him because the next voice I heard was his. “Y/n-ah”, his voice was gentle. A stark contrast to how he snapped earlier. “How are you?” I sighed. Does everyone feel the need to ask me that? “Coping. Listen, I wanted to ask if you’re still up for the study session?” He was quiet. Shocked at how normal I was being, probably. But that’s what I wanted- for everything to go back to normal as soon as possible. “I…yeah! You want me to come over?” I smiled. I could always rely on my friends. Who cared if I didn’t have anyone else. “Wait, I’ll come after lunch, so I can bring you food. I know you won’t eat anything.” “Jungkooook!”, I whined. I really didn’t want to eat. I felt sick. “Yah, don’t ‘Jungkoook’ me. I’ll force feed you if I have to.” I couldn’t tell whether he sounded serious or not, but I heard Jin’s laugh in the background, so I laughed too. I must have fallen into a restless sleep, because the next thing I knew Jungkook was sat next to me. I stretched up, groaning, and he chuckled at the sight. I probably look a mess. “I really need to take that spare key off you”, I grumbled, as I went to freshen up. If he made the effort to get over here, I should at least look half decent. He laughed again. “Hello to you to!” He had bought all his notes, and true to form, a container with food. While I was gone, he had got up, plated it, and heated it up. I sighed. My stomach churned at the very idea of eating. “Do I have to?”, I asked. It was two o clock now, but I still didn’t feel hungry. “Jin went to a lot of effort. So yes.” I huffed, and sat down on the sofa. I was acting childish, but I didn’t care. “What are they all up to?”, I asked, referring to the boys. “Hoseok’s gone to dance to let off some steam. Jimin, Namjoon and Jin were lazing about when I left. And I don’t know where the other two are.” “Ah”, I replied. I hesitated before continuing. He came with the plate, and sat down next to me. “What is it?” “You and Yoongi aren’t still mad at each other?”, I asked quietly, not looking him in the eye. “We haven’t spoken since. But we will be in no time.” His voice was so reassuring that I gave him a small nod and a smile. He held out a forkful of food. “Eat.” “You are literally worse than Jin”, I said, turning my head away. Jin was always trying to force feed me. He chuckled. “You haven’t seen the worst of me yet y/n-ah.” The way his voice had dropped an octave made me look at him. He moved in, to pry my mouth open with his fingers, but I remained stubbornly tight lipped. Suddenly, he put the fork back down in the plate, and placed the plate on the table, on top of his papers. “Ah ha! I win! You gave up”, I laughed in glee. I turned to give him a smirk, seeing as I had beat him. But he was staring intently at me. Very intently. His eyes had darkened significantly. My smirk faltered, before turning into a pout. “What? Did you get the food on my face or something?” I started wiping at my mouth with the back of my hand. Classy, y/n. Real classy. “Jungkook I swear down if y-” He cut me off in a way I wasn’t expecting. By placing his lips on mine. He gently applied pressure, before adding more and more, until he was ravaging my lips entirely. My hands instinctively snaked through his hair, pulling him in. I gasped at the sensation of his lips on mine, and he used that as an opportunity to gain further access. And I allowed it. He pulled away, the two of us panting for air. I looked at him, and he looked at me, suddenly grinning. “NOW will you eat?” I stared at him, my mouth hung open. I could feel how swollen my lips were. He laughed at my expression. “I’ll take that as a yes. Guess I won. Now, open up.” What the fuck just happened?
lol I think I just got whiplash from the plot twist 😂😂😂
for real? What the fuck just happened?! He seemed so shy and apparently he's not. For the record, I'm super pissed at Tae right now 😡😡😡
You're really gonna leave me hanging there??? I thought it was going to be a Taehyung and Y/N pairing, and you surprise me with Kookie. X) 😄 With how Kookie's been acting on her behave, I like it.
did not see that coming!!! I would have thought that her and V would have something!!! I want more now!!
Wow Kookie!! I was thinking awww Kookie to the rescue, my hero! But that kiss came out of left field! lol😙😙
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