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Jeonghan! -_- why are all my hair beauties leaving me????? RIP long hair

At first it hit me like....

Seventeen is just killing me! can the comeback just come now!!! these tease pictures are awesome and the new looks? surprisingly they all changed a lot and look great!
I'm in love! but... my beautiful babys hair! nooo the agony !
I didn't really understand the card title until I looked at the pictures. *slightly hyperventilating* *tears forming* *starts fangirling* HE'S BEAUTIFUL!! 馃槶馃槶 he's an angel 馃槆 馃槆
When did he cut it 馃槱. But still he looks nice still
i like it although i haven't seen it fully yet so my judgement so far is i like it at least they didnt crap it up like the ...otherss*shudders*
I was recently wondering if they might have to cut his hair soon. They color it so much and with it being long it will show the damage quicker. I'm still super sad they cut it but I understand, I guess. *goes to sulk in the corner*
im really happy he cut his hair actually cause everyone wantes him to keep n me having to reject the status qoute ....needed him to cut it......n he still is slay either way!! 馃槏馃槏馃槏
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