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Makeup is amazing.

Despite those who aren't the biggest fans, we can all agree that makeup is an art and can literally transform a person in a matter of minutes. While sporting a bare face is always great for your skin and you confidence in general, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a bit of foundation and a red lip every now and then.
Speaking of a red lip, it's the perfect addition to any timeless look. A little bit of red lipstick and some black eye liner can go a long way, taking you from natural beauty to classic beauty in no time. MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Gisel Calvillo uses her amazing makeup skills to transform model, Ashley Phillips with nothing more than a little foundation, a red lip and some winged liner. To see the classic transformation, keep scrolling and check out the images and video below.

Step One: Make sure your face is clean

Step Two: Apply a sheer layer of foundation to your face

Step Three: Use a neutral eyeshadow and add a winged liner with some mascara

Step Four: Complete your look with a classic red lip

Are you a fan of the classic look?

I'm getting 90s flashbacks with this look. I am not a fan of this look. Seems dated to me. But you all know me--I love nudes, glosses and high-impact eyes. So, my opinion counts for like 1 or 2 cents at most. hahaha
Totally agree! @stephosorio lip. maybe her skin tone make it look so red. lol but no to me, I am more to natural looks and lighter tone color lipstick but actually she look gorgeous without makeup!
for sure! :) @MyAffairWith
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