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Seventeen Releases 2nd Set of Teaser Photos

Hello there mates

Seventeen has released the second set of teaser photos for their album 'Love & Leter' ! Jeonghan, Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan's teaser photos are out now! :)

I am so loving Jeonghan's new haircut ♡

Adorable little Woozi ♡

DK with that look though ♡

Seungkwan looks so precious ♡

The boys look very handsome and have a more mature look! :) According to the schedule, the album tracklist is up next! look forward to it. Carats are you excited?! ☆

(Credit to Pledis Entertainment ) The link from where the teaser photos came from: Check out @pledis_17's Tweet: https://twitter.com/pledis_17/status/720537177021620224?s=09 Check out @pledis_17's Tweet: https://twitter.com/pledis_17/status/720538455441293312?s=09 Check out @pledis_17's Tweet: https://twitter.com/pledis_17/status/720539668262084608?s=09 Check out @pledis_17's Tweet: https://twitter.com/pledis_17/status/720540918592512000?s=09 *Kpopint does not own any of these photos.

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@JarviaKlipka I think it looks good
a year ago·Reply
@CreeTheOtaku i do too but i wasnt expecting it.
a year ago·Reply
@JarviaKlipka Jeonghan looks good with that hair cut. Omg!
a year ago·Reply
@CLAKPOP i know
a year ago·Reply
They all look so good! And Jeonghan...HIS HAIR IS ALWAYS SO PERFECT! (Not that I don't miss his other hair but this is also so very cute~~)
a year ago·Reply