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In a couple hours I'll be heading to the airport to board a plane to Chicago. I'm super excited, but I have absolutely no clue what to wear. The fact that my flight leaves at night makes me want to just throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day.
While I'm perfectly fine with sweats and sneakers on the plane, part of me wants to pretend my name is Kendall Jenner and board my flight in style. By the time I land I will be ready to shower and hop in the bed, but Carrie Bradshaw never questioned these kind of dilemmas.
As I'm sitting here, I'm thinking 'what would Carrie do in this situation?' She definitely wouldn't throw on a pair of sweatpants no matter how late it was. With that being said, I'm going to ditch the sweats and think like Carrie despite the fact that my plane departs at ten o'clock at night.
If it were up to me I would throw on a cute scarf, some shades, a pair of boyfriend jeans and some booties. The video below gives me a few choices and I figured why not reach out to some of my favorite fashion mavens for advice. Keep scrolling to check out the video below and give your girl some much needed advice.

Should I throw on the sweats or live in Carrie's shoes for the day?

Which outfit are you loving the most from the video seen above?
Definitely dress comfortably. I never wore sweats on the plane though haha. The second outfit with the gray duffel bag and the last outfit. Those two look very comfy and stylish.
Definitely agree! I ended up not wearing the sweats. Semi stylish & still comfortable :) @cindystran