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Guess what time it is??? time for some more lovely videos from one of the greatest nights of my life . please enjoy this set of videos because I certainly enjoyed them
the man that swept in like no tomorrow and stole my heart
Gray & Bae
if you haven't noticed yet I think you can pretty much tell who became my favorite
Gray ft my new bae
they are both so perfect I hate it!!!
Final video of loco killing it . for being sick you really couldn't tell he put on a real show that night
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Those videos are awesome!! Can't wait to hear more of your love story between you and Loco XD
@EmilyPeacock lol well loco continues to open my snaps the moment I send them so I'm gonna be at work all day so we'll see what happens after and I even told people at work about it and they said we might as well date๐Ÿ˜‚
oh hot dam they are so cute and sexy x.x
@xroyalreisx aren't they! I died a million times
great videos you were really close to the stage