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Contrary to popular belief, not every celebrity woke up like that. Thanks to a bit of nipping, tucking and lasering they have a brand new look that makes us all wish we looked half as flawless, but believe it or not -- they didn't always look that way.
Kim Kardashian admits that she regrets getting her baby hairs permanently removed via laser. On her personal site, the popular icon said, ‘I lasered my baby hairs off years ago, because my forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them.’ She also goes on to talk about how she lasered her neck saying, ‘I also lasered my neck because I had such a hairy neck. Every photographer would photoshop them out anyway, and I thought I looked better without the baby hairs, but now I miss them. I think they look youthful! So ladies, you can always laser your hairline, but I miss mine.’ At the end of the day, this goes to show that despite the contouring and the sandbagging or even the lasering, she's human.
I wouldn't be a surprised if she wasn't the only celebrity who had a beauty regret because it's expected. We all have good days and we all have days when we want to go get a rhinoplasty or get our body tanned only for it to turn out ten shades too dark. It happens, but that's life and in the end we have to suck it up and love ourselves regardless.
I would have to say my biggest beauty regret would be getting my eyebrows waxed too thin growing up and now they don't grow in thick. They're sparse and filling them in is the only thing that gives me that thick brow look I absolutely love. I probably have ten more beauty regrets, but who doesn't? Keep scrolling to check out a video that speaks on a few typical beauty regrets we might all be able to relate to below.

What's your biggest beauty regret?

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Honestly, my biggest regret are my eyebrows. while they look fierce, it's permanent. I can't grow them out. my 2nd regret is not getting cosmetic surgery sooner. should have done it in my 20s or early 30s
well, at least you got it done :) better late than never! @marshalledgar